Map Packs/ Patch/ Luftwaffe Pioneers

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Map Packs/ Patch/ Luftwaffe Pioneers

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After 8 years i am back in the Game and im so happy that the Community still exists and the team Made the Mod still better and better. Thank you very much!! You guys are the best! I dont Knie of ist the right place for my topics Bit i will try it here:
1.) is 5.2.7 really the latest version of the Mod? I read you guys Talk about 5.3.2 Bit i can’t find the link
2.) Where can i find more mappacks?
3.) why does PE Luftpioneers retreat to Hauptsturmführer instead of the Luft Lehr-Squad?
4.) Why is in PE Luft no longer Panzerjäger-Building and now longer Hetzer?


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