Sherman 105

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Sherman 105

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I wanted to speak about this unit since a long time.

This thing behaves really weird. it's a pile of misfunctioning on its own...
First, it can not target any structures/buildings except with the ability, which means that if u order it to attack an AA emplacement for example, it will not do anything unless u do it with the ability.

2nd, path finding on this unit is completely off. it often moves on its own & dances around not knowing where to go or what to do, thanks to the 60 degrees rotating turret... This should be changed to either 180 or 360 degrees, but with slower turret rotation speed due to the heavier 105 gun it carries.

Also, auto targeting inf / tanks seem to have completely odd pirorities.
I dare to say this unit is not ready to function properly in-game currently.. it's chaotic.

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