Trying to increase the unit limit for Tiger Tanks

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Trying to increase the unit limit for Tiger Tanks

Post by dlougras »

Hey everyone, how are you doing? Sorry to bother you with this question, but after hours of research and multiple tries, I just don't know what to do.

I play a lot of this mod, but I only play skirmishes against the AI and I really wanted to remove the unit cap for all tiger tanks, just for fun. I saw multiple tutorials here of how modding using Corsix and I think I was able to understand them, but I am still getting the same fatal error. So, let me first explain what I did to see if I am doing some basic mistakes:

1 - I opened the BKAttribPatch.sga file in Corsix where from some other topics in this forum I know the attributes of most units are.
2 - I went to both the ebps and sbps files to find the tiger tank units.
3 - I saw that for some units there is this function (here an example for the Tiger.rgd file in ebps): requirement_ext>requirement_table>required_1>max_cap>2 which is the actual unit cap we have in the game (I looked for a lot of functions and this one seems to be the one I must change, if it's not, please let me know which one is the correct one)
4 - I edit in corsix to a big number (100 was the last I used) and saved, which generated for me a single modified tiger.rgd file
5 - Using a sga unpacker I found online (DawnOfWarUnSGA is the name of this program) I unpacked BKAttribPatch.sga.
6 - Then I replace the actual rgd files with my modified ones
7 - Using the corsix SGA packer tool I pack the modified SGB, replacing my original BKAttribPatch.sga file
8 - I coppied the new BKAttribPatch.sga into my steam folder
9 - I start the game. All good so far, but as soon I enter a map I got an error: AI Fatal Error - Execution Paused (or something like that)

What am I doing wrong here? Any light? Any help for just a guy who wants to see dozens of Tigers destroying everything on their path =)

Thanks a lot!!!

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Re: Trying to increase the unit limit for Tiger Tanks

Post by Warhawks97 »

Actually you dont need to set the value to "100". You can just scrap that requirment entirley. The save this single rgd file in the fight folder (i think you unpacked your SGA file first) and then create a a new AttribPatch SGA file based on your modified rgd files.

I dont know btw why you need a Dawn of war unpacker. If you open the SGA file you can simply simply unpack all the files.
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