lack of units help

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lack of units help

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Hello good and I had a doubt about missing units that in previous versions were there and no longer like the jagdpanther, jagdtiger, M36B1 Jackson, the super pershing and I'm not sure if they replaced the Wurfrahmen 40 and if they are missing mention another unit that not this and I have not noticedbut I played the non-steam version with the game not purchased and if some of those units appeared to make it clearer...

1- now if I have the original game with the steam version purchased along with its dlc and if they work correctly none of the files are damaged

2- I downloaded the mod from steam I have the latest update and it works correctly leaving aside the missing units

3-the super pershing appears to me to select in the configuration before the skirmish but when I am in the game it does not appear

4- the integrity of the mod files are verified and it says that everything is correct

5-reinstall original company of heroes its steam version and the dlc again and check your files and everything works correctly

6-reistale the mod several times but still the same with the missing units

7-I tried the old version of the non-steam mod to see if the missing units were there but the mod didn't work directly for me and I had to reinstall the steam mod again and it's still the same

Will it be that the dlc campaigns should appear in the start menu for these units to appear?

I realized that there are no mentions regarding this particular topic I don't know if it only happened to me

A huge thank you to the creators of this incredible mod that makes it an unparalleled experience and one of my favorite games. I hope you can answer my questions and excuse my English haha ​​thank you very much.

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Re: lack of units help

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I think the units are there but in other places. Jackson B1 is now in the US Infantry doctrine (it used to be in Armor doc). In the Infantry doc you can have either 76mm Sherman Jumbo or the B1 Jackson - you choose in the configuration before the game.

Jagdpanther and Jagdtiger are still in Tank Support doctrine but you either get tanks or tank destroyers. Explained here:

SuperPershing is still the same as it was - you need to unlock it and then call it to the map from the command panel (it is not built in any buidling).

If you know all this and the units are not there, then I don't know what is going on.

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