PE Tank support doctrine/Tank Destroyer

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PE Tank support doctrine/Tank Destroyer

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As mentioned in the other topic i wanted to bring up an idea for a Tank support doc or Tank destroyer doctrine or Tank Hunter doctrine. Personally i didnt really understand what Tank-Support is actually meant to be due to its weird name, so i stick with Tank-Hunter or Tank-Destroyer Doctrine.

A few months ago i brought up this idea:
Tank Support (Proposal).jpg

I worked on and came up with some ideas:
Tank Hunter or Tank Support Tactics (proposal).jpg
Tank Destroyer or Tank support Tactics (Proposal III).jpg

Its just a raw drawing but the branches are as follows:

Contains everything you need to handle enemie armor in a cost effective way, but lacks offensive power
1. Mines
2. cheap Jagdpanzer IV ambush TD with camo nets
3. schrecks+Panzerfaust 100 and Hafthohlladung
4. IV/70 for more punch

Mobile support:
That branch favours tactical mobility and versatility.
1. Quick vehicle production and lowered MP cost for those
2. Vehicle off map strike
3. Panzer IV mass-production which unlocks the Panzer IV J for 360 MP and 65 fuel and loweres Panzer IV H production cost.
4. Grille short ranged heavy artillery. It has a short range but delivers a punch for low production cost when compared to Hummel. ~ 380MP/60 fuel and arround 140 range, 80 ammo per barrage.

Breakthrough Branch:
All you need to open any door.
1. Tiger or elite Tank crews.
2. Tiger or elite tank crews.
3. KT or JT
4. KT or artillery strike for the JT so to make it not just a meme unit.

anyways, i am unsure about this branch as you can see what to put in it and if there should be arty or just tigers.
I even thought about not bringing the Tiger and instead only have improved crews as unlock, KT and then JT.

Aggressive hunt for enemie armor
1. Inf can detect armor in the fog of war to be visible on mini-map.
2. APCR rounds upgradded for all tanks for better penetration.
3. Tank gunner and tank loader training for a better rate of fire and higher accuracy and unlocking certain abilities like ALRS on units without need for Vet.
4. Jagdpanther as ultimate predator unit to support infantry and hunt down enemie armor.

Faction design change:
SE Infantry Support (Proposal).jpg
SE Infantry Support (Proposal).jpg (24.71 KiB) Viewed 387 times
PE inf combat improvment will not be a doctrinal thing anymore in future, but a general faction design feature.
Each unlock costs arround 200 MP and 20 fuel.

I am trying to give up on the idea to put all tanks into one branch or all arty into one branch as it makes the game super boring since everyone only rushes tank and artillery lines. I would prefer to have different branches which are not tank lines or arty lines but instead have these embedded into combined arms branches. So when players want tank x, they get y later and so on. Right now its just a tank race and as soon as you unlocked a new tank you not gonna turn back for the old one most of the time. Like having it "out-teched". That is an extremly boring way to play and a poor design in my opinion.

Edit: Continued to work on it a bit:
Changes include the removal of Tellermines mines since they are available in SE doc already. Instead AT squad vet is added again.
Also the unlock after the Jagdpanther is Gunnery training that unlocks all ALRS and dead-shots on Tigers and Jagdpanthers as well as improving gunnery on all tanks.
Tank Hunter or Tank Support Tactics (proposal V).jpg
Build more AA Walderschmidt

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