Why Airborne units cant hide/ambush?

Talk about CoH1 or BKMOD1 in general.
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Why Airborne units cant hide/ambush?

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As the question says, whats the reason why AB forces cant hide or use ambush techniques?
Rangers, Storms, Luft, Commandos. All of them can hide. And their roles are quite similiar. Operate behind enemie lines and/or clear out emplacments/defenses.

On top of that, all these forces have the enjoyment of being supplemented and supported by either good tanks, hard hitting guns and artillery support. AB in this regard has to rely more heavily on its inf so it might make sense giving them something to compensate for the lack of heavy Tanks/arty and to bring them closer in terms of capabilties to their counterparts.

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Re: Why Airborne units cant hide/ambush?

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i would make only 82nd units have passive camo.

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Re: Why Airborne units cant hide/ambush?

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101' should get cammo and passive cammo after unlocking the last cp that makes them better.

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