5.1.5 Beta v4

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Re: 5.1.5 Beta v4

Postby kwok » 29 Jun 2018, 16:33

I'm pretty sure post ww2 the geneva convention was signed and in article 6 it specifically says: AT BOYs will not be represented in an unrealistic way in all future representations of the weapon. just saying, you could be committing a war crime.

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Re: 5.1.5 Beta v4

Postby The New BK Champion » 29 Jun 2018, 16:52

I dont get why is Hawks so overreacting about it...

Adding a new unit is always nice. The problem is it's just hard to balance, but not impossible of course. I don't think that replacing the pak with a rifle is a failed idea. Just very tricky to incorporate into current early game balance. And I really like the return of threadbreaker ability (as long as it is not bugged out)

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Re: 5.1.5 Beta v4

Postby Warhawks97 » 30 Jun 2018, 00:41

Ok, Markr.

1. Why it never got mentioned here in forum? I dont really have the time to get through all the spam in discord so i skipp most of the stuff there.
2. Even if there a request to make a "one to one copy", why following this demand? What if i demanded a 75 mm Tank IV gun dealing tiger gun damage? Even that would probably make more sense as to make a 7,92 mm bullet acting like a 13 mm.
3. Refering to point 2. You make a 7,92 mm rifle being like a 13 mm which already overperforms but which was accpeted due to balance aspects. But making bringing a US 76 mm gun on same level to axis 75 mm Tank IV guns is such a HUGE issue. I think this 7,92 mm rifle is even a bigger issue when it performs like an 37 mm AT gun or like an already unrealistic 13 mm AT rifle.
4. Why 65 range? Do you really want a "wild hunt" and easy anti vehicle gameplay?
5. Why AT rifles dont simply have a penetration drop like all kinetic based AT weapons have?

@New BK champion? Have you ever played the mod with tread breaker? Total bullshit. Pay for immobilization as if he rifle (or any other weapon) uses a modern laser guided shot (today laser guided bullets really exist) to exactly knocking out an engine.
For AT rifles it becomes ridiculously as it feels like you have a squad on a "vehicle safari hunt" trip.

I dont hate the idea of this rifle, its just that it got implemented so imprudently: "Oh, players want axis AT rifle as copy to brits, fine, lets do this.... fuck of all debates, fuck of all realistic aspects, fuck off everything". I mean usually you are the one debatting (eg 76 mm gun) years, asking and placing billions of questions about what if, how, why, is it neccessary, is it smart, balance, do we have to consider a few realistic aspects, is it smart to replace an weapon crew with something different....".... and now.... "oh, a discord dude asked for something, better we dont piss him off".... and *bam*, "request accepted, we simply overlook everything.".... It almost feels like you got corrupt and took money for it.

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Re: 5.1.5 Beta v4

Postby Panzerblitz1 » 30 Jun 2018, 01:50

A better solution will be provided.

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Re: 5.1.5 Beta v4

Postby Warhawks97 » 30 Jun 2018, 02:36

The New BK Champion wrote:I And I really like the return of threadbreaker ability (as long as it is not bugged out)

Ask yourself.

1. What happens if the shot counts as bounce? Ammo wasted and player complain about a not working ability? Same what happens if the shot fails?
2. If it destroyes engine or tracks for sure, why do we even haven pen and accuracy values.

Answer: The old Boys AT treadbreaker was OP. Even when the shot failed to hit the target the engine blew up. So what nonsense is it? Super high velocity shot with such a shock wave that it kills the engine even when it fails to hit?
That means for the gameplay: Damn, i fail to pen (eg vs recce), pay 50 ammo and you get your guranteed "missed penetration shot". Also certain vehicles are super cruical for a factions survival. For WH its the Puma, for CW the recce. This way you pay 50 ammo, just like that and get rid of it. Stay save with your fucking 65 range bc the heavy al 50 is a water pistol that cant reach that range.
And if you use double squad like CW does it..... good night all vehicles.... rest in peace. We give a shit on accuracy and pen values... if necessary we pay some "money" for the success. Its like activating a cheat by paying ressources instead of entering a some sort of secret key.
+ I will demand treadbreaker for all units that are somehow anti tank.... I mean you could give it to a whatever tank. Imagine a sherman 75... I cant pen its armor? well, lets aim the tracks and its done. It wouldnt be even unrealistic to give such orders to your unit to aim for specific spots on a target. Just dont make it a "pay for...." shit.

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