3 th discord game:D!

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3 th discord game:D!

Post by Panzer-Lehr-Division »

Heya, we had some fun game over here. poppa,not,yser,waffle and me were on discord, anyways i present ya "one of my stupid ideas" going 3th against Royal engineer, Airborne aka airporn:D and royal arty. also jt shreddin da airporn in. Enjoy daaa gameeee

Players: Poppa*th* Not*th* Me *th* vs Yser *re* waffle *ra* timay *ab*

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Re: 3 th discord game:D!

Post by yser »

Next time we win :)

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Re: 3 th discord game:D!

Post by Warhawks97 »

yser wrote:Next time we win :)

lol, tripple TH beats RA/RE/AB?

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Re: 3 th discord game:D!

Post by Henny »

Timay's ab squads definitely put some pressure on us mid-game, along with Waffle's artillery. We really had no effective counter to British artillery other then to dodge it by moving around, lmfao

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