Panzer II

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Panzer II

Postby GreyGreyGrey » 28 Jul 2019, 20:09

Hello everyone!
What do you think about adding Pz.Kpfw.II for Wehrmacht (Blitzkrieg and Terror doctrines)?
It'll be cool if there will be a choice between Sd.Kfz.234/1 and Pz.Kpfw.II in the Reward Menu.
About price:
If you add early version of Pz.II (ausf. C), that have same main gun (2 cm KwK 30, 280 shots/min), but worse armor and worse speed - it can be cheaper than 234/1.
If you add late version of Pz.II (ausf. L), that have better main gun (2 cm KwK 38, 450 shots/min), same armor and worse speed - it can even be a bit more expensive (maybe +5 fuel?) than 234/1.

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Re: Panzer II

Postby MarKr » 28 Jul 2019, 21:52

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Same things apply just as with any model request:

1) What would be the purpose of that unit? Isn't there already a unit that has the same purpose? If yes then there is no reason to add such unit because we would be adding something we already have (and there are already lots of units that are almost never used because there is a better alternative).

2) Do the models exist? We are not modelers so we cannot create any models, therefore any models added to the mod were made by someone else than us and used with their permission, which gets us to the next point:

3) Is the model free to use? Don't just assume it is, ask the creator. We won't be using another person's work without their approval. If the person who made the model is no longer active in the community and they cannot be reached, it is still a no.

So basically these questions need answering, preferably in the order listed here - if we already have some unit like that (Q number 1), then we won't be adding any similar one and so Qs 2 and 3 are pointless.

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Re: Panzer II

Postby GreyGreyGrey » 31 Jul 2019, 17:04

Yes, you are right. Sorry for pointless request.

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Re: Panzer II

Postby CGarr » 05 Aug 2019, 08:38

There are units similar to the panzer 2 in utility already in the game already (20mm armored car or HT), but it'd be an interesting reward unit to implement as tracked vehicles tend to be a lot easier to maneuver in BK than their wheeled counterparts, at least in my experience. It also might not get chewed up by 50 cals as easily and would fare better than its wheeled cousins on rough terrain where they might get slowed.

We'd need a model to get it into the game though, I think the Afrika mod had one but you'd have to talk to them about using it.

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