1v1 replay

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1v1 replay

Postby Viper » 14 Jan 2019, 22:36

maybe first time i upload replay? one of my first pvp games since years.

(1.03 MiB) Downloaded 139 times

i was playing usa against player on my same level (im not too pro).
my 76 sherman reach level 3 and 1 shot some stugs and pz4.

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Re: 1v1 replay

Postby Walderschmidt » 20 Jan 2019, 03:48

Some thoughts:

1) Your opponent was inexperienced, he didn't get much AT most of the game until the very end
2) At the 14:00 minute mark you had both fuels and if you kept this up, the game would be over
3) At 25:00 mark you either were toying with him or were a little sloppy. You could have ended the game sooner but you took your time taking out his stuff and attacked piece meal which allowed him to kill two of your tanks.
4) He had a bad habit of sending one unit by itself to attack
5) Sometimes he'd attack you and you could have finished him off quicker if you used all your forces in a battle. Like that stug that had its engine blown, you could have had the CQB squad put a bazooka in its ass. Or you could have driven your Sherman around it's South flank and killed it then. But you took your time, allowing him to repair it enough to move.


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