5.2.1 - Fixing Bugs

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5.2.1 - Fixing Bugs

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Hello again!

You might have noticed that a few days ago, BK mod on Steam downloaded an update. In this update we wanted to address the bugs that you guys reported so this one does not bring any balance changes.

As the changelog is relatively short this time so the announcement will be short too. Here it comes:

- Halftracks no longer eject squads when their MG upgrades are finished
- Various description fixes

- 105mm Sherman is no longer available in infantry-only mode

- Repair Bren Carrier in RE doc no longer shares the same UI spot with the 6 pounder
- Building LT will no longer give you fuel
- Emplacement cost drop unlock in RE will no longer glitch the ammo cost of Mortar and MG emplacements

- 37mm Halftrack in Bliztkrieg doctrine no longer auto-targets infantry with AP rounds loaded

- Hummel now requires its correct unlock
- Hotchkiss no longer shares the same UI spot with 210mm Nebelwerfer
- Panzer Grenadiers in Tank Support doctrine from Kampfgruppe building will now be affected by Squad Size upgrades and doctrinal unlocks
- Ammunition Halftrack in Tank Support doctrine no longer shows "???" fuel cost after getting the unlock that lowers costs of Light Vehicles

There will be more updates, some of them focused on balancing the game, but for now we wanted to solve the most pressing bugs for the promised tournamet.

If you find any other problems, please, bring them here.

Thanks for your support!

EDIT: There has been another small update just now (28.9.2020). The first update by an acident didn't include the latest version of the tournament map - this update put the map to the latest version and fixed the wrong description of one of the Infantry doctrine's unlocks.