5.1.8 Beta (CW and Luftwaffe Rework)

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5.1.8 Beta (CW and Luftwaffe Rework)

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By community request, a couple of standardizations were made.
- Set the cost of stubby PIV variants to 390MP 40F (from various costs); F1 in TH doctrine costs now 400MP 45F to make up for the top MG
- Removed ammunition cost from building MG nests and mortar emplacements (to reflect the ammution cost removal from MG/Mortar teams)
- All Triage Centers now cost 180MP (from 300MP (US/CW) and 180MP 10F (WM))
- Axis PIII and stubby PIV tanks with HE ammo active will deal the same ammount of damage to enemy structures as 75mm Sherman with HE
- Smoke barrage from all Mortar Teams now has tighter spread (same as WM mortar had it till now)
- Creeping Barrage from Mortar Teams now costs 25 ammo (from 0)

Commonwealth Rework
The main intent to update Commonwealth was to break the “always same build order mold” that made the game both stale and extremely difficult in 1v1 scenarios. The majority of change notes can be found on this thread viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3242. Thank you to all who helped contribute ideas and discuss possibilities. We look forward to continue tweaking CW. Please feel free to report your feedback on that original thread.
- 1st HQ truck replaced by an HQ building
-- units available in HQ from the start: Sappers, BOYS squad, HMG team, Lieutenant, 6 pounder, Daimler Armored Car
-- units available in HQ after LT: Rifle Section, Assault Tommy squad, 2inch Mortar team, Wasp, Bren, Support HQ truck
- Added Assault Tommy squad (4 Tommies armed with Sten guns)
- HMG build time increased to 45 seconds (from 36)
- Cost of Support HQ truck increased to 55Fuel (from 35)
- Lieutenant and Captain no longer cost fuel
- Lieutenant has now 2 "bodyguards" in his squad
- Lieutenant's aura bonuses put more in line with command bonuses of other command units
- Lieutenant's aura no longer increases movement speed of affected infantry
- M3 T48 (57mm Halftrack) is now available to all doctrines (from RE only)
- Stuart Recce is now available in the Support Truck
- Tank Commander moved to Support Truck
- Sherman V is no longer a reward unit
- Cromwell is no longer a reward unt, now requires Captain to be built
- When the 3-inch mortar emplacement is camptured it will now require ammunition to fire its barrage

Royal Artillery:

As a part of the doctrine reworks, we identified Royal Artillery to be a hyper specialized doctrine that did not hold well in 1v1 scenarios. Discussion on the changes can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3422. Please feel free to report your feedback on that original thread.
- Canadian Infantry added in Support Truck instead of Commandos (for now same as Rifle section - will be adapted to doctrine's needs according to feedback)
- Removed Achilles
- Added Churchill MK IV with a 6-pounder (requires unlock and Command Tank to be fielded)
- "Dummy Targets" unlocked removed
- Added "Canadian Infantry Training" unlock (gives Vet1 to Canadian Infantry squads + allows vehicle spotting in FoW)

- Increased penetration on Tiger gun against Shermans so that it won't bounce even with sandbag upgrade

Changes made to Propaganda doctrine were made based on scattered discussion on volkssturm and analyzed replays. The main changes were focused on making “volks spam” strategies slightly more viable as well as adding more flexibility in the unlock structure to allow for more variety in gameplay.
- Changed penalties for clustered infantry on Volkssturm (now they only get faster suppressed instead of being easier to hit and taking more damage)
- Re-arranged some parts of the unlock tree in Propaganda Doctrine

Changes made to Blitz doc were born from this thread: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3393
- Changed Stormtrooper squad default loadout to 1x StG44 5x MP40 (from 1xStG 5x Kar98)
- Dropped the cost of Grenadiers to 360MP (from 410MP)

This is our first draft of the updated luft doctrine. Luft doctrine was identified as an already well rounded doctrine and required balance updates in order to keep in pace with other doctrine reworks. A lot of the ideas were born from a really old discussion that questioned doctrine design in the first place. You can find it here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2904
A thread to discuss the new Luft rework to come soon (unless you start your own in which we ask to keep it focused, structured, and not a 10 paragraph rant)

- Removed the VT ability from the doctrine
- Changed the cost of the Panther D to 880MP 130F (from 680MP 110F)
- Removed the Hetzer/JPIV from the doctrine
- Added an option for Fallhsirms and Gebirgs to lay booby traps
- Removed Stuka Patrol
- Separated airstrike unlocks for straffing run and Stuka
- Henschel patrol transformed into a single Henschel sent in a specific direction

- Lowered the HP to 70 (from 80)
- Leader comes with FG42, rest of the squad with MP40
- Added FG42 as possible upgrade (75ammo for 2 weapons; can upgrade anywhere; possible 2x)
- Added a Panzerschreck upgrade (75 ammo for 1 weapon; requires unlock)
- Increased the unit cap to 3 (from 2)

- Lowered the HP to 70 (from 80)
- Leader comes with Scoped G43, rest of the squad with Kar98
- Added Scoped G43 as possible upgrade (75ammo for 2 weapons; can upgrade anywhere; possible 1x)
- Added a LMG34 upgrade (75 ammo for 1 weapon; requires unlock)
- No longer come with defensive bonuses in cover
- Can use "Suppressive fire" ability when upgraded with LMG
- Increased the unit cap to 3 (from 2)

Luftwaffe Pioneers:
- Can select an area for dropping SD2 bombs
- When SD2 bombs get unlocked, gain ability to lay multipurpose mines (from build menu)

- Added a new Command squad:
- 3 men, armed with FG42
- Passive camo
- Provides command aura with various bonuses to Fallshirms, Gebirgs and Luft Pioneers around:
- Basic aura: Unit speed increased by 10%
Sight radius increased by 15%
Accuracy increased by 12.5%
Weapon damage increased by 2.5%

- Aura Vet2: Experience gained increased by 15%
Squads are harder to suppress by 10%
Lowers delay between shot by 10%
Reduces reload times by 10%

- Aura Vet4: Damage increased by 15%
Greatly reduces cooldown on abilities of units around

- Can use "Heroic Assault" ability on units around (gives attack bonuses, nullifies suppression; Vet1 required)
- Can select an area which will be covered in smoke (30 ammo)
- Can heal wounded units around
- Can select an area for dropping SD2 bombs
- Can select an area where Luftwaffe Sniper will be paradropped
- Can call in a Stuka bomber (requires unlocked Stuka bombers in Command tree + squad Vet3 + commander in the squad must be alive)
- Works as a retreat point for Fallshirms, Gebirgs and Luftwaffe Pioneers
- Can place retreat flag for Fallshirms, Gebirgs, Luftwaffe Pioneers and squad itself

- Support Equipment:
- Allows Fallshirms to upgrade Panzerschreck
- Allows Gebirgs to upgrade LMG34
- Enables LeiG18 drop (Gebirgs) and HMG/Mortar drop (Fallshirms)
- Enables Gebirgs to lay Shuemine (from build menu)

- Defense Training:
- Adds +10 HP to Fallshirmjägers and Command Squad
- Gebirgsjägers in cover gain defense bonuses (same as before)

- Veterancy training:
- Gebirgs and Fallshirms gain Vet1
- Gebirgs and Fallshirms take 25% less damage

- Sabotage:
- appart from sabotaging points, Fallshirms will also capture points faster

More notes on specific areas of doctrine reworks will come soon.