5.1.8 Beta (Propaganda Doctrine, update 4)

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5.1.8 Beta (Propaganda Doctrine, update 4)

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Hello all,

The new beta version of the mod which will bring some general balance changes as well as the reworked Terror doctrine which is now called Propaganda doctrine. We need to say in advance (and we will repeat it a few more times to make sure nobody misses the information) that the whole propaganda path in the new doctrine is in testing state and pretty much anything in there can be changed. That being said, we expect the doctrine to be particularly weak, however we wanted to give you all a chance to toy around with some of the new concepts. This will hopefully get some ideas to think about how the propaganda path can be built out to complement the rest of the doctrine. Notes on the Terror changes have already been mentioned in previous posts. You can find that info here:

Continued Machine Gun Changes
We would like to make upgrading LMG more of a strategic decision rather than flat damage buff to the squad. Therefore, any squad that upgrades an LMG will gain the suppression ability (note that the ability requires UPGRADE the squad, the ability won't work if your squad picks up a dropped LMG). However, we felt that this change would make HMG teams a lot less useful because any squad with LMG would be able to achieve pretty much the same as the MHG teams but squads with LMG have higher mobility (because LMGs have no "set up" and "tear down" times). For this reason the MHG teams now cost no ammo to build and their suppressive ability costs only 15 ammo and for the HMG teams the ability is "activated" which means that the squad can suppress more squads per one activation (if you manually switch targets). On the other hand, the suppressive ability of squads with LMG upgrade costs 40 ammo to activate and the ability is "targeted" which means that you need to activate it and then select enemy squad to suppress (if you then tell the squad to target something else, the ability will be canceled) - this means that LMG squads cannot suppress more squads per one usage of the ability. With this change are connected few other changes further down the list.
Feedback on machine gun changes can be discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3331

- Removed ammunition cost from HMG teams
- Changed activation cost of Suppressive Fire ability of HMG teams to 15 ammo (from 40)
- Units that can upgrade LMG will gain Suppressive Fire ability upon purchase
- Lowered the Suppressive Fire ability cost of Suppression Stormtroopers to 15 ammunition
- Stormtroopers can no longer upgrade LMG
- Suppressive Fire ability returned to Riflemen when they purchase BAR upgrade
- Johnson LMG changes:
can only fire when static
reload time 2.5 - 3 sec (from 3-4)
cooldown multipliers changed to 0.45/1/1.2/1.4 (from 0.45/1/2/2)

Wehrmacht Tank Hunter Changes
In addition to doctrine reworks, we are also reexamining the general structure of base factions without doctrines. This tank hunter unlock is meant to make the faction itself more well rounded while doctrine unlocks are used to add a strategic boost to specific capabilities. So now the formidable anti-tank role StuG will be behind a doctrine unlock while the more well-rounded base Panzer IV will be available without an unlock. When the testing phase comes around, please let us know the impact of these changes.
Feedback on StuG and Pzr IV changes can be discussed here:

PIV F2 changes:
- now available in BK and Propaganda docs without unlock
- cost lowered to 390F 40M (with Mass Produdction 360MP 35F)
- StuG require unlock (in BK doctrine replacement for AP ammo)

Early Game Infantry Balances
Details and continued discussion can be found here:
- Changed the accuracy and damage of Volks' and Gren's Kar98 vs enemy in "open" cover type to 1 (from 1.25)
- Changed the accuracy and damage of Volks' and Gren's Kar98 vs enemy in "negative" cover type to 1 (from 1.25)
- Changed the accuracy and damage of Riflemen Garands against infantry in "open" cover type to 1.25 (from 1.1)
- Changed the accuracy and damage of Riflemen Garands against infantry in "negative" cover type to 1.25 (from 1.1)

SMG changes:
- All SMGs reload faster when they are close to enemy
This is introduced to help with the "when the squad gets to close range, they start reloading and get killed before they finish the reloading)

Defense Doc Balances and Fixes
Feedback on defense doc changes can be discussed here:
- Changed 150mm Hummel offmap barrage (6 shots, 3-6 delay, 250 seconds recharge)
- Emplacements in Defensive Doctrine are now built as neutral
- Changed empty emplacement cost to 220MP (from 100MP)
- Added a note to Empty Emplacement's description mentioning that the weapons are set up by the 25mm HT
- Decrewed emplacements of Defense Doctrine can now be captured
- Cost of emplaced LeiG18 changed to 130MP 15F (from 250MP 15F)
- Cost of emplaced PaK38 changed to 50MP 15F (from 120MP 15F)
- Cost of emplaced PaK40 changed to 80MP 20F (from 200MP 20F)
- Cost of emplaced PaK43 changed to 180MP 50F (from 300MP 50F)
- Increased cost of Bunkers to 450MP (from 350MP)
- Lowered the damage of 88mm Flak36 to 120-150 (from 150-200) to unify it with Tiger gun (and to no longer be stronger than KT gun)

Blitzkrieg Doc Balances (more specifically Panzer III Changes)
Changes and feedback on the Pzr III can be discussed here:
- now easier to penetrate from all sources by 20%
- Lowered turret rotation speed to 15 (from 35)
- HEAT/B shot cannot be used when HE mode is active (applied to PIII and all Stubby PIV versions)

Propaganda Doctrine:
Feedback on defense doc changes can be discussed here:
- Unlock tree reworked
- Propaganda abilities reworked (now debuff enemies instead of forcing retreat)
- added reward option: Tiger ausf.E Early/Late
- added "Fear aura" to Tigers and Kingtigers (debuffs enemy vehicles around)
- removed Grenadiers
- added Volksstrum squad
- StuG IV Late version is now buildable in Tank Factory
- Ostwind moved to this doctrine
- 280mm offmap rocket strike now available in this doctrine
- Flame Halftrack can be built without any Phase Upgrade
- Changed the cost of Flame Halftrack to 300MP 20F (from 275MP 35F)

Airborne Doctrine:
Based on surveys an replays, we determined that the Airborne doctrine is already a well-rounded doctrine structurally so minimal changes were made. Instead, tweaks to make things that were never used into something more viable. OR to make things that had too much impact on the flow of the game less game changing in order to reward long term strategies and skill over sudden power spikes.
Feedback on defense doc changes can be discussed here:

- Satchel Charge Throw ability of AB Engineers replaced by Resource Scavenge
- 101st Airborne can now buy 2nd Recoilless Rifle for 65 ammo
- In Airborne Company Air raid replaced by AT rocket air strike for 200 ammo
- Lowered the strength of bombing runs (mainly effective against static defenses and infantry, lowered effectivity against tanks), cost reduced to 140 ammo
- Fuel crate from the Supply Drop ability swapped for another Ammo crate
- Cost of the Supply Drop ability dropped to 200MP (from 300MP)

Other Fixes
- 7-men Riflemen squad removed from Ranger Captain (like...for real this time)

Known Bugs going in (we know these bugs exist but have not been fixed prior to releasing this beta):
-Faust ability can remove other slot items
-Tiger ace desc still has stormtrooper