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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod 5.1.3 Patch

Posted: 30 Dec 2017, 08:04
by kwok
You're right about the recce, that's why I proposed a while ago that the recce gets a fuel cost bump to push it later to when axis has counters. Since then, have you noticed people complain about the recce much less?
You're also right about the aim time, hence my OTHER post about changing vehicle speeds.

"Nothing to argue about" seems like you're dodging the blatant balance difference. This balance issue exists. ESPECIALLY when players think the otherwise (frost implying 1v1 against brits are difficult DESPITE an extremely obvious hole in the british 1v1 playstyle). Whether players want to act on it or not entirely different thing. But dismissing it as a conversation piece... it kinda sounds like you're avoiding the topic because it obviously affects the current prevailing axis formulas and potentially delays the impacts on getting larger vehicles earlier.

Basically what I'm saying is that counter point to frost's implied statement, Brits are absolutely beatable in 1v1s and probably too easy beacuse of how they are designed. BUT, there exists a classic case of axis formula driving balance discussions rather than actual thought in adapting to the game where the balance is in favor of the opposite way.