Blitzkrieg Mod 4.9.5 Beta Patch Preview

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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod 4.9.5 Beta Patch Preview

Post by XAHTEP39 »

MarKr wrote:The SE Demo squad sight should be fixed.
- @XAHTEP39: You said something about their mines still not working correctly? What was wrong with it?

I said about mechanics of planting S.Mise 35 by Blitz DemoStorms - it is ability and they plant only one mine on click, second mine need again to choose ability and click on terrain - new "shift+click-click-click..." mechanics is unavailable.
I think, that the reason of this behavior is long time of "reload planting mine ability". :idea:

Achtung! Luft Gebirgs has anti-personal Shuetzemine 42 as ability, but reload time is short and Gebirgs can to plant big minefield on new "shift+click-click-click-click..." mechanic. :!:

P.S. Great, cheers! Is it final realise 4.9.5 already ?! :o

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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod 4.9.5 Beta Patch Preview

Post by MarKr »

"not everything should be the same" was the same answer to almost all the suggestions proposed
This is definately not the strongest argument I ever give but it is something that people need to keep in mind too. Also if the only argument for something is "But doc X has it like that so why doc Y has it like this?" Then it often IS quite relevant argument too (but again definately not the strongest or most important). You could ask about tons of things why they are different and the only answer you'll get is diversity - Why does WH mortar HT has rear MG and PE one doesn't? Why does WH as the only faction have the "phase system"? Other factions have just building guild order and it works. and you could find much more.

Keep in mind that the Firestorm is not as deadly as any other Allied off map..
Yes, that's been said before and we also said that it is not meant to be on par with allied off-map arty - even the purpose of the ability is completely different. Just because something is "off-map" it doesn't mean it must go "boom" and insta-kill anything in the hit zone.

just in other words I mean I am honestly tired to fight for anything else already
Have you given me any counterarguents?
The only arguments you've given so far to justify the price change are these:
1) It is not worth its price because other off-map arty in game is more destructive and cheaper
2) Now it is required to unlock Stuka
To which I say:
ad 1)
Firestorm is good against static defenses - thanks to flame damage it clears out trenches and kills emplacement crews + makes it impossible to recrew them for some time.
So in short you make some area unavailable for the time of salvo and for some time after the salvo too. Whereas Allied off-map arty is there to cause damage with hits and kill tanks and infantry, which it does unless the opponent leaves the area - after the salvo is finished he can immediately return/recrew emplacement etc. The purpose is different.

ad 2) I still don't get the logic here. Before: Stuka requires no unlock. Firestorm costs 200ammo. After: Stuka needs to be unlocked by Firestorm and even before by "Flame weapons". Because Stuka is delayed, Firestorm needs price drop. The pricedrop won't make the Stuka available earlier and you don'teven need to used it if you don't want what is the sense behind this "compensation" for the Terror player? Also if the prerequisites are reason for changing prices, shouldn't you also require the Flame shot for mortar and flame nades to be cheaper? Doesn't the same apply here? Afterall you need to unlock that too to unlock Stuka. The whole argument is inconsistent and makes no sense to me.
I simply don't understand the reasoning behind this argument and unless you manage to explain it I probably never will understand it.

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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod 4.9.5 Beta Patch Preview

Post by Wolf »

Yep that argument is flawed, and also to add to 1) it is very good and FAST against infantry, considering how you often mention inf doc, take that as antiinf weapon and thats it, you don't have to use it if you don't want to, but I believe that it is good against blobs of vetted squads.