Blitzkrieg Mod End of Year Tournament

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Blitzkrieg Mod End of Year Tournament

Post by kwok »

Hello all,

We mentioned that there was an upcoming tournament to celebrate the 5.2.0 patch. That tournament is now!

The tournament will be a 1v1 tournament over the course of November to December. Through the end of October, we will open registration for the tournament and close registration on November 3rd. After registration is complete, we will post the full roster of players that are participating by timezone.

Then, each pairing of players will find the time by themselves to play two games against each other within their timezone groupings. Each player will send their results and replays to a dedicated discord to have the score recorded. The winner of the tournament will be the player with the most total points by the end of the tournament on December 31st. A player is not obligated to play every game in the tournament, but it is in their interests to play a game even if you lose for points (scoring in later section)

How do I register?
You will need a discord account you are comfortable using to submit your replays through and a steam profile you are comfortable using to connect with other tournament participants (add them to friend list).

1. Fill out a form on
2. Add kwok to your friend list on steam ( and discord(kwok#2996)
Please please please please do not use this to bombard me with non-tournament related things. If I blocked you previously, I will unblock you but please don't pressure me to block you again.
3. Wait for the tournament to begin!
Deadlines to register will be October 30th.

What settings will be played?
Map: BK MOD Tournament Map 1
Settings: Victory Points 1250 with 250 Pop Cap (No exceptions... we don't want to watch 3 hour replays with king tigers and super pershings sitting in base. Most annihilate games end before the 1250 VP counter even runs out)
Starting Location: Players' choice
Starting Resources: Players' choice
Each player will play allies once and axis once. Both games will contribute to the score.

How does scoring work?
For each victory you get 3 points, for each defeat you get 2 points. Your total points will be summed at the end as your final score. The highest scoring player in the timezone wins.

How do I submit for scoring?
At the beginning of each game, each player will type into the chat "I will play this game for the tournament". At the end of the game, both players will save the replay and send it to or discord id: kwok#2996. If a player does NOT send the replay, it will count as an automatic loss and the player will not score any points for the game EVEN IF the other player has sent in the replay. BE SURE TO SEND YOUR REPLAY TO SCORE THE POINTS IF YOU WIN OR LOSE.
We also encourage you to send your score at the end screen if possible. This will help with figuring out desyncs. The in-game score will not impact your scoring itself but help support with diagnosing game issues.
Note: Your replays will be posted on the forum for everyone to download and watch.

What if the game desyncs?
If the game desync's there are some options. As players, you can:
- both agree to self determine the winner
- both agree to replay the game
- disagree and submit your replays for arbitration. At this point, the devs will review the game themselves, figure out the desync point, and either award the game as a win for one player or a tie in which case both players will be awarded 2 points.

It would help us with bug testing if you send the replay even if you don't want it to count towards scoring. Just mention that when you send the replay.

What if the player I want to face does not respond for a game?
This would be a difficult situation because it is possible a player is attempting to avoid playing games in order to keep their score intact. For this reason, the scoring system is designed to encourage playing games over just trying to win. So it is possible for a player who lost all their games to place higher in the rankings than a player who has won all their games. Hopefully this system encourages players to take games on, if not contact kwok to help mediate the game. 4 losses > 2 wins!

What about basebombing?
We sent out a survey around basebombing and received about 35 responses. It was extremely difficult to find consensus among players for basebombing rules. Read the rules following very carefully. Basebombing will result in an immediate loss of the game. If you suspect your opponent is basebombing, submit your replay for arbitration.
Here are the rules for the tournament:
-Mortars of any size may bombard into the base
-Offmap abilities (artillery or airstrikes) on base emplacements are allowed
-Indirect fire EXCEPT for rocket artillery on artillery units are allowed. List of indirect fire below.

Rocket Artillery List (can NOT fire into base under any circumstances):
Jeep Calliope
Sherman Calliope
Walking Stuka Halftrack
Walking Stuka Hotchkiss

Artillery List:
105mm Howitzers
75mm Howitzers
75mm LeIG Field Gun
75mm Halftrack
95mm Cromwell
95mm churchill
Jeep Calliope
Sherman Calliope
Walking Stuka

Mortar List:
2 inch mortar
60mm mortar
81mm mortar
81mm mortar halftrack
120mm mortar

Strafe Runs
HE/Frag Bomb Runs
AT Rocket strikes
AT Henschel Strafes

What is arbitration?
When a disagreement in play occurs between players, judgement will fall on to the devs other tournament hosts on whether a particular play should be rewarded or punished. When you submit a replay, at least two people (but we will try to have as many reviewers as possible) will review the replay and come to a conclusion on which player will win, lose, or draw, and how many points each player will be rewarded for the game. The points awarded can range from the full three points to zero for a game. After a conclusion has been reached the decision will be final. Players will NOT be able to appeal afterwards. So when submitting for arbitration, be sure to include all the details and supporting arguments for your submission at the time you submit.

Will there be a balance patch before the tournament?
Yes, we have some initial thoughts on how to better balance the game for right now. They will not be significant since part of the reason for the tournament is to better understand the balance with evidence from replays and not just spoken word/arguments from multiple sides. From experience in the past, most claims from players right after a patch release are knee jerk reactions and it takes time for players to adapt to the changes (especially ones as drastic as the reworks). For now, I'd suggest to play as if there is no balance patch because the next one will not be drastic. Expect more changes AFTER the tournament once we have a bank of replays to analyze.

Will there be a prize?
Yes. We are still working out the details on this. The prize will be a monetary reward through steam through a gift card or a game of equal or lesser value:
1st Place: 50 USD
2nd place: 25 USD
3rd place: 10 USD

Current Tournament Roster

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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod End of Year Tournament

Post by Sparrow »

Hi kwok. Just let me give you some tips for this rules:
1-If one of the players get desync, it would not be helpfull watch the replay, because it will show your desync play as if it werent happend nothing. To demostrate that you get desync, you should have to do a "print screen" to the stats at the end of the match. In that way you will see that one of both get desync even when both got the "You are victorious" phrase in their matches. Its obligated do the print screen to the results of each match
2-I think that the rules about win or be defeated are not just right. You could do it as its done in the football tournaments.
-If you win, you get 3 points and the looser get nothing.
-If one of both players get desync, and they dont want to repeat the match, them it will be a divided decision for both, so...1 point for each one.

Cheers and allways have fun :-)
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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod End of Year Tournament

Post by Walderschmidt »

^You don’t have to stream replays, just send the recorded ones that the game makes.

Otherwise, good suggestions.

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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod End of Year Tournament

Post by kwok »

1 - That's a good idea. Hopefully that won't be too much extra work for players.

2 - The reason we want the loser to get points is to encourage players to actually play games. If a player knows they will lose, they can try to avoid a match in order to make sure the other player doesn't score points. It is more important for people to play games than to win games.

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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod End of Year Tournament

Post by ColonelKlink »

Please include me, thank you.

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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod End of Year Tournament

Post by kwok »

ColonelKlink wrote:
22 Oct 2020, 02:17
Please include me, thank you.
Can you register on the link above?

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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod End of Year Tournament

Post by kwok »

Hi all,

For those who signed up sorry for the delay and lack in news.
Because of the new patch and potentially more patches to come, it is best to delay the tournament. It's important that tournament games on a signle patch so that replays are watchable for judging. Additionally, it may be best for players to get a little more practice on the patches before "playing for money".

Tournament delayed until further notice. Hope you understand and will maintain the excitement for when we figure out the best timing!

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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod End of Year Tournament

Post by autraymond »

is the registration still open? Maybe i can get some games in then if Uni shedule allows for it. :D
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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod End of Year Tournament

Post by kwok »

Sure, let's reopen for now since it's delayed. Open until futher notice. Will give at least two weeks worth of time to react if we plan to close it.

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