Blitzkrieg Mod 5.0.0 Patch

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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod 5.0.0 Patch

Postby Panzerblitz1 » 28 Sep 2017, 14:00

Bundles grenades would probably damage to death any trucks... no? when you see a single grenade can do to a jeep.

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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod 5.0.0 Patch

Postby idliketoplaybetter » 28 Sep 2017, 14:04

It's been like that and before, but not much people did realise it can be that deadly to try it actualy.
Most of the time it just 1shots HQ's, without even leaving min HP to escape..
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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod 5.0.0 Patch

Postby sgtToni95 » 29 Sep 2017, 07:56

Panzerblitz1 wrote:Bundles grenades would probably damage to death any trucks... no? when you see a single grenade can do to a jeep.

Yeah but then i guess the logic breaks when you see how many pak shots are needed to kill it. I guess the fact that it's a somehow necessary unit for CW gave it some "tactical/strategical" durability more than realistical.

Anyways i think this is not a major problem since trucks should not stay in nade range to anything. Just i thought 50 ammo to oneshot an HQ without planting time was really some huge damage, expecially considering that it can be used by units that can crawl to the enemy spawn point and use that right after the HQ comes in.

1) i know it's usually very close to the base and would be sacrifising a squad, but i think sacrifising a squad to delay an entire phase of your enemy, and "blocking" his production queue with one more truck, might be very rewarding

2) i know it's quite hard to sneak a crawling squad to the enemy base, but still sometimes spawn is not so close to the base, and the squad might make it safe

3) there's still the eventuality of truck falling back, and not trying to ram buildings and mg/mortar squads. This really makes it useless to try deploying it and relocating it more in the back, since it would be destroyed right after the mobilization.

It's a rare eventuality, but i saw you correcting "rare eventualities" due to abuses lately, and thought this might have been in that genre of tunings.

I know i'm brits biased and everything, just i'd found losing an HQ truck so easily so annoying and unfair to be honest. I'm just throwing here my opinion, probably nobody will care (unless Lionelus shows up :D ) and it'll just remain as it is, i'll be fine anyways ;)

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Re: Blitzkrieg Mod 5.0.0 Patch

Postby nihonsean » 18 Oct 2017, 04:06

Curious about the logic behind moving rocket jeeps to infantry line. Leaves airborne line with 2 pack artillery pieces for bombardment. What exactly does airborne line get that equalizes this? Infantry get 105 shermans, Jumbo shermans, close combat squads, off map artillery, off map long tom artillery, em,placed 105's, 75's, pack howitzers and now rocket jeeps.

You might be tempted to point out that airborne gets air support which is nice, but gets shot down more often than not, making it too expensive for the level of unreliability. Also, when using against AI they always move out of bomb/strafing areas.

So yeah, what exactly is the thinking behind this?

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