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SD.KFZ 250/10 37 mm PAK - 2 taps British HQ trucks when they're not deployed

Posted: 07 Apr 2021, 02:12
by TheUndying
This vehicle is available to PE.

Damage values are normal against any other vehicles/structures and the deployed HQ trucks.
When those trucks are not deployed though, they get 2 shot by the SD.KFZ 250/10. With a 37mm PAK.

We tested the undeployed HQ trucks against the normal 37mm PAK and 75mm PAK as well as Pz IV F2 and Pz III N. All of them did significantly less damage, with the 75mm PAK doing ~1/5 of the HQ truck's health per shot.

Please look into those damage values if possible, something is not quite right. :)

(Can also provide video evidence if needed but this should be very easy to reproduce)