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[Alpha] Marder3

Posted: 01 Aug 2020, 00:10
by Krieger Blitzer
i was playing Alpha right now, and my full health Marder3 died in 1 burst by US HMG team.

Pioneer squad would have probably survived much longer...

Marder3 should be immune to small arms fire, just like Hellcat and all other open-top Allied TDs.

Re: [Alpha] Marder3

Posted: 01 Aug 2020, 04:10
by kwok
wow didn't expect that. i'm guessing it was with AP rounds? or without?
should it pen even with AP rounds? i'm sure there's going to be "realism" fans out there who will have something to say. we'll ignore those and try to keep it gameplay focused.

Re: [Alpha] Marder3

Posted: 01 Aug 2020, 06:34
by mofetagalactica
Are you sure it was just 1 burst? i've tried to do the same againts a marder with the vicker gun and didn't go that well, it does damage but gives enough time for the marder to retreat, afterall the marder is just a platform to put an AT gun so it dosn't have to be tow by a vehicle.

Re: [Alpha] Marder3

Posted: 01 Aug 2020, 10:40
by Warhawks97
how close was he?
Bc i killed several vehicles like sdkfz 222 or M20 in one burst using AP rounds. And marders armor isnt better than that of those.

Re: [Alpha] Marder3

Posted: 01 Aug 2020, 12:10
by Krieger Blitzer
Marder3 wasn't too close, and the US HMG team didn't use any AP rounds.

I would be fine if the HMG with AP killed the Pak40 (75mm AT) Puma like this.. however, the Marder3 should survive any small arms fire except 50.cals and Quad, pretty much like how Hellcat survives small arms fire and MGs but dies to 20mm flaks.

So, 75mm Puma armor = 57mm half-track armor = both die with AP bullets.

Marder3 armor = Hellcat armor = both shouldn't die to AP bullets or small arms fire, but both die to 50.cals and 20mm flaks.

Strafe planes on both sides are the only thing with AP bullets to kill both Hellcat and Marder, which is fine as they already do.

Re: [Alpha] Marder3

Posted: 01 Aug 2020, 12:53
by Warhawks97
Basically, all these vehicles arent different in terms of armor.

Let it be the 222, Marder, Hellcat.

So it would just make sense that all or non would take damage from HMG´s. Basically the armor of all of these vehicles should be sufficient.

Re: [Alpha] Marder3

Posted: 01 Aug 2020, 13:03
by Krieger Blitzer
Ya, i know.. but i kinda compare them based on "class" not based on realistic armor.
Gameplay wise, Hellcat is on pair with Marder3 as they are in the same class.
Whereas armored cars are on a lower class.. but generally we seem to agree anyways.