Beta TH doc Bugs and Questions

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Beta TH doc Bugs and Questions

Post by Warhawks97 »

20 mm emplacment:

- The 20 mm gun sits right next to the emplacment instead of inside.
- When emplacment gets destroyed, the gun i still alive working like an unemplaced version.
- Apparently the emplacment got destroyed by small arms. Would need to check again.

Vehicle combined arms:
- Its a toggle ability (why would anyone deactivate it? Intention?)
- Hauptsturmführer is not affected (Intentional?).
- Does it stuck with normal sprint? They ran like light speed.
- Sometimes it appeared that the ability isnt active although its toggled on.

In the Unlock menu it says that i would have to decived between Hetzer/JP IV and normal Tank IV H/J. But for some reason i got the Hetzer unlocked even though i went for Tanks and not for TD.

- It unlocked Panther D. Isnt this doc supposed to have Panther G´s?

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Re: Beta TH doc Bugs and Questions

Post by MarKr »

The HT aura is meant to apply only to PGrens so it doesn't apply to Hauptsturmführer.

Hetzer - it is a wrong desciption. The first unlock gives access to PIV and also JPIV/Hetzer. We though it would be too restraining if the unlocks locked out even these medium units.

Panther in TS doc is meant to be the D version.

Fixes for the final release:
- 20mm flak38 emplacement in Tank Support doctrine now correctly sits inside the emplacement
- When Pgrens are in the "Vehicle combined arms" aura they are no longer able to activate Sprint ability.
- Hetzer/PIV unlock description adjusted

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