Wespe long range (FERN?) barrage not working

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Wespe long range (FERN?) barrage not working

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CGarr wrote:
19 May 2020, 17:53
(...). I also had an issue during this game with a different unit, on multiple instances the wespe on the south side would not fire its long range barrage (I think its called FERN shells, don't use it often enough to remember the name). I was shooting at a 25 pounder, sometimes with vision and sometimes without, but the unit would just sit in place without firing despite the UI showing that the barrage was in progress. Barnes didn't even know I had arty until I started using the airburst on some closer targets so I assume nothing happened on his side, as the 25 pounder I targeted was still at full health and firing regularly. Will make separate post for the sake of organization. I think the normal barrage and airburst worked as intended.
Edit: attachments don't follow quotes I guess, here's the replay:
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Re: Wespe long range (FERN?) barrage not working

Post by kwok »

Goddammit. First it’s just the stationary howitzers are buggy... now the mobile ones too?? We didn’t even touch the wespe since forever

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Re: Wespe long range (FERN?) barrage not working

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Did you manage to have a game on berlin map without desync?!?

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