(Version 5.1.7) Multiplayer "Wrong Version" Error

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(Version 5.1.7) Multiplayer "Wrong Version" Error

Postby Gibbo265 » 15 Jul 2019, 23:13

I Have been trying to join friends games since March, we had no issues until the most recent update on the steam version of the game but now whenever any of the three of us try to join each other we all get the same "wrong Version" error. We went through the files and they say that we are all using the same 5.1.7 version of the game and we have now tried changing to the beta version of the game through steam and that still says we are using different versions. I have attached the error message that has come up. We cannot think of anything else to try at this point, any ideas of what is causing this?
CoH BK Wrong Version Error.png

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