Ammo upgrade for Panzer 4 F2

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Ammo upgrade for Panzer 4 F2

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For every other tank on the Axis side, the upgrade options are as follows:

Top: Wolframkern (aka Goldammo vs tanks)
Bottom: Highexplosive Shells

So why for the love of god isn't that the case for the Pz. 4 F2 aswell? This is the only tank where the top one is HE and the bottom is goldammo.
Please change that for whenever the next patch rolls around.

I hate sitting in the enemy base with tons of AP shells but 0 HE because I picked the ammo upgrades out of habit.

Thank you. :)

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Re: Ammo upgrade for Panzer 4 F2

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This is hilarious but understable :D

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