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AI moving units

Posted: 19 Jan 2019, 23:17
by winterflaw
So I'm on Steam, current BK version whateverthatis, and I just had the most annoying game ever.

Two humans vs two expert AI, standard map (can't remember which - can look it up if you need it).

The problem? AI - and aggresively - moving units.

I was Brit. Most of the time as soon as I made a tank, Ai rolled it right into the enemy in the midfield. Was doing the same with tank commanders, and also with spotters. (I was arty).

I would be constantly telling the unit where to go, AI would be constantly tell it where to go.

Sometimes, I would win and the unit would go where I wanted it - and then ten or twenty seconds later while I was looking elsewhere, AI took it over again and rolled it into the enemy.

I've never had this problem so bad.

DId not seem to affect the 4" mortar teams, or the inf squads.

Only tanks (command tank, Fireflys), tank commanders, arty spotters.

Re: AI moving units

Posted: 13 Apr 2019, 20:52
by PettyTheft
I am also having this issue. All American Tanks are doing the same thing for another player and I if we play AI opponents.