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[v5.1.3] Nebelwerfer won't shoot after moving.

Posted: 28 Feb 2018, 15:11
by |7th|Nighthawk
Hello everybody,

first of all, thank you for all the hard work you put into this mod. Without further ado however, let me explain the following issue:

Whenever I select an already deployed Nebelwerfer to shoot a target out of it's range, it switches into moving status, moves to the maximum distance needed to fire at the area, deploys again and only emits smoke, honoring it's name. I lose the ammunition and have to wait for the reload but no rockets are fired. So far I have noticed it with both the 210mm PE Nebelwerfer and the 150mm WE one.
If I just move it into range myself and then order it to shoot, it works without issue. Is there maybe some cool down after deployement affecting like the AT guns have it?

I sadly don't save my replays regularly so they all get lost but I have noticed this problem a few times now.


Re: [v5.1.3] Nebelwerfer won't shoot after moving.

Posted: 28 Feb 2018, 16:48
by MarKr
Hi, this issue is known and has been around for ages (I think it was the case even in vCoH, not sure though). Unfortunately we haven't been able to find solution for this so far.

Re: [v5.1.3] Nebelwerfer won't shoot after moving.

Posted: 28 Feb 2018, 18:31
by |7th|Nighthawk
Ah alright. I obviously did not play enough vanilla CoH to notice that. Disregard then. Thanks!

Re: [v5.1.3] Nebelwerfer won't shoot after moving.

Posted: 01 Mar 2018, 07:15
by sami bosal
only solution is that when it starts cool down or when you deploy it from logist orbl krieg barraks, you need to redeploy it with hold right click way. so it comes to its horizontal position. if it is not in its horizontal position(rocket pipes not pointing forward or point in upward direction), it will not fire rockets and only smoke will come out.

Re: [v5.1.3] Nebelwerfer won't shoot after moving.

Posted: 01 Mar 2018, 09:34
by |7th|Nighthawk
That's good to know. Thank you for the advice. Right click holding is mandatory or they won't put the barrels horizontally I take it?

Re: [v5.1.3] Nebelwerfer won't shoot after moving.

Posted: 01 Mar 2018, 10:28
by sami bosal
when you deploy them from barracks or logistics compani, they already are in horizontal position.when you fire from them, they may not come in that position automatically. so you may need to redeploy them with hold right click thingy.

hold right click method is when you order any unit to have a specific direction.

Re: [v5.1.3] Nebelwerfer won't shoot after moving.

Posted: 07 Mar 2018, 22:20
by Jalis
if the problem is not completely specific to BK, the mod just made the problem worst over Vcoh.

Problems occurs with infantry mobile arty, and sometime with mecanized as well when the weapon is not on a flat ground. However at vcoh a nebelwerfer (for exemple) just dont fire. The attack icon is enlighted but nothing happen. Just use halt icon, place the nebel on an adequate area to fire and launch attack again.

At bk in such situation the nebelwefer emit smoke, but nothing else, the attack and ammo are -- eated -- as well as the cooldown. Responasbility goes to smoke emission phase BK have added to the nebelwerfer. It is lovely ... but buggy (just like a lovely pie you cant eat). like smoke action take place before the attack, and is not affected by terrain restriction, the whole processed is considered like started and cooldown and ammo ... end in smoke and nothing else.

Smoke effect could also affect nebelwefer efficiency in case you order it to attack a target out of range.

PS ; when I say buggy, it is for nebelwerfer. With mecanized rocket launcher smoke is a fine addition.