drunk ass bug

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drunk ass bug

Postby kwok » 24 Aug 2017, 06:21

all right guys i'm drunk and i was reading the forums and im kinda sick of all yall bitching.
so i wanted to expain a possible reason why the 377mm is "broken" which is not even that big of a fuckin deal. so a POTENTIAL reason why the 37mm is out of whack and suepr invincible is the picture i attached. It's jus tgreen cover all around.

Yeah it's annoying but seroiusly it's not THAT MUCH OF A FUCKIND EAL. and ALSO, it's not the dev team's capabiliity to solve unless they get a modeler to correct the parameters of the model (assuming i'm correct). So fuckin deal with it and use grenades like you've always been using for the past 5 years. the cannster shot is still as unrelaibale (unless you know exactly how it works which i bet you fuckin dont) as it ALWAYS WAS and this isn't a new game breaking bug. deal with it. at guns get green cover front facing regardless and smgs which is the typical assault weapon used will cut through green cover anywas. if youre using any other weapon use a goddamn grenade and stop bitching and play big maps. good day mother fuckers.

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Re: drunk ass bug

Postby idliketoplaybetter » 24 Aug 2017, 09:21

First i decided those are very rasist pictures u made :D
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Re: drunk ass bug

Postby sgtToni95 » 25 Aug 2017, 21:59


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