SAS granades

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SAS granades

Post by sgtToni95 »

Hi all,
I noticed you can't give command to SAS units to throw granade outside their range, i mean you have to move them and get in range to throw it while all other units move and throw nade automatically even when you point a target outside their range. I know I can just use little bit of micro to get through this but just wanted to know if it's intended (and why) or if it's something that can be fixed.
Thanks in advance

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Re: SAS granades

Post by Paso95 »

I've noticed that happens also with other units, not only with SAS. Is it a bug? Thx

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Re: SAS granades

Post by Panzerblitz1 »

don't throw outside their range... easy ;)

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Re: SAS granades

Post by Gurkenkilla »

But isn't it a bug however?

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Re: SAS granades

Post by Mr. FeministDonut »

Shown range is coming from the center of squad, however each soldier has his own throwing range.
that makes one soldier, that leading the squad, throw grenade further, then others

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Re: SAS granades

Post by JimQwilleran »

That's a good point.

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