CW 4.2-Inch Mortar health bug

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CW 4.2-Inch Mortar health bug

Postby Lionelus » 22 Aug 2016, 00:06


It seems there is a bug on the CW royal arty mortar :

- the mortar seems to be very fragile. I mean it gets destroyed very easily (not talking about the crew)

- when in range of the medical station, and when set up, the crew and the mortar get health regeneration.
Maybe that's intended. But it seems weird. Usually mortars, canons and machine guns have to be repaired by engineers.

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Re: CW 4.2-Inch Mortar health bug

Postby kwok » 22 Aug 2016, 04:11

Exploit fact, medic stations heal all things, including tanks and buildings.

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