Read Me First! How to report bugs the proper way

Do you have a bug to report? Do this right here.
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Read Me First! How to report bugs the proper way

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If you want your bugs to be fixed fast, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

One thread per bug:
  • Don't just append your bug report to another thread that describes a different issue. Also, if you found mulitple bugs, don't post them all together in one thread, but create a new thread for every bug. Otherwise we could overlook one of them easily.

Include the version-number in the Title:
  • Always add the version-number of your BK-Installation to the Threat-Title (e.g. [V4.8.0.0.] ) so we know exactly where to look for the cause of a bug.
    Maybe it was a new edit, maybe it's already in some older parts of the mod. This can help our Coder find out where to dig around (his own work or Xali's) to speed up bugfixing.

Detailed description:
  • Try to give a detailed description what you were doing when the bug occured. For example, if the bug only occurs in one map, include the number of players, your start position, and so on. If the bug occures in all maps, this info can be omitted obviously.
    Sometimes it's hard to tell what's important and what's not connected to the bug. If you're not sure, better add the information, every detail could be important (in a reasonable way of course).

If possible, include a screenshot:
  • A picture's worth a thousand words. Sometimes things are difficult to explain, a screenshot will help us to identify the problem.

Concise title:
  • Try to name the thread with a short but meaningful title. Good examples are "Radar doesn't work in map XY" or "Wrong tooltip for unit Z". Bad examples are "I found a bug" or "Game doesn't work". You get the point
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