How to open existing maps in the world builder

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How to open existing maps in the world builder

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I quite rtecently started creating a map (and hopefully more will follow) from scratch, and i'd like to open existing bk maps to see how they're done, but I don't know how to do it. My best try was to just open the map file from bk archive but those files are not in the right format i guess.

Can anyone help me?

Before getting any critics, I don't mean to just copy the work done with those, nor modify them anyhow. My goal is to optimize them for pvp and, to make them look cool/realistic, i'd like to see which splats/tiles are used and where to try and recreate a few good looking features and landscapes.

Thanks in advance :)

Edit: after some not so deep thinking, I managed to do it myself and I'll write here the process so it can be useful to somebody.

1) download Corsix mod studio, you can easily find the download link via Google, you might need a few .dll files to make it work, you can easily find those as well on the internet.

2) copy paste the .sgA archive of the selected map in a folder of your choice, open Corsix and extract all files from the .sga archive in the selected folder.

3) once all files are extracted, copy paste all those files to your world builder maps folder (Program files x86/Steam/steamapps/common/CoH /Data/Archives/Scenarios/MP or similar).

4) from the World Builder menu, open the .sgB file as you usually do with your maps and you'll be able to see/modify the selected map.

This is an old game and the community is non growing that much, but i hope this might help somebody. :)

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