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Unlocking commander abilities via Scar

Posted: 07 Feb 2019, 21:40
by Sando
Hi all,

I've working on a little project - an alternative mode for BK. I'm pretty experienced on SCAR, but having some issues unlocking commander tree techs.

Basically I'm using

Code: Select all


This is correctly adding the icon for this power to the commander bar, but it is locked because the player does not have a Weapons Support centre. The player in question cannot build a base, so I need an alternative to unlock this requirement.

Couldn't find anything in the SCAR CONSTS for BK mod, is there an available tech to call and unlock this via code? There used to be something similar in Original COH. I'll need this for all the airborne/commando doctrines, so a list would be great.

Can anyone help?