Unlocking commander abilities via Scar

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Unlocking commander abilities via Scar

Post by Sando »

Hi all,

I've working on a little project - an alternative mode for BK. I'm pretty experienced on SCAR, but having some issues unlocking commander tree techs.

Basically I'm using

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This is correctly adding the icon for this power to the commander bar, but it is locked because the player does not have a Weapons Support centre. The player in question cannot build a base, so I need an alternative to unlock this requirement.

Couldn't find anything in the SCAR CONSTS for BK mod, is there an available tech to call and unlock this via code? There used to be something similar in Original COH. I'll need this for all the airborne/commando doctrines, so a list would be great.

Can anyone help?


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Re: Unlocking commander abilities via Scar

Post by Playmobill »

Im sorry Sando, my knowledge in scar is pretty much limited to spawning units and making things undestructible :(

Also you might be asking in the wrong section tho
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Re: Unlocking commander abilities via Scar

Post by kwok »

it sounds like your issue isn't unlocking the command tree for doctrines but changing the requirements for all units to not need basebuildings (since you said that a player won't build a base)

there are two ways i think you can solve this, i'm not sure if one of them works:

i think the best way for you to solve this is change all the requirements of units you want in the attrib files (some macros let you do this automatically but i haven't tried doing it myself yet)

the other way is to look through the attrib files and find the requirements for the units you want and add those to your list of things to upgrade at the start of a game.

let me know what you're working on because i'd like to learn more about scar. i had a few failed attempts i gave up on trying to make new game modes. maybe we can work together to add more flavor to BK.

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