[MAP] Vierville (6)

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[MAP] Vierville (6)

Postby Playmobill » 13 Nov 2017, 21:52

Vierville (6) is an exclusive MP port from SP Mission 2 'Paradrop', in Normandy campaign.

To accommodate the map to 6 bases, and make the sector layout interresting and balanced, the map has been through a lot of sneaky modifications, but overall, the feeling, design and ambiance of the original Solo map has been respected as much as possible.


Allies bases are in flooded fields (where you spawn as player in the campaign). As base buildings cannot be placed over water, the place has been dryed, and rebuilt to simulate wet and partialy flooded fields, instead of the vast previous flooded area.
Axis spawn is on the north, partialy surrounded aswell by chunks of woods to give em some kind of protection, a rough equivalent of allies bases 'protection' level.

BK MOD Beta: Vierville (6) - steam Workshop



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