[HOW-TO] Create Fake Bridge (undestructible)

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[HOW-TO] Create Fake Bridge (undestructible)

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A quick tutorial for creating a fake bridge :

1 - Level the ground on the bridge path
2 - Place Support walls splines ( ebps > environment > objects > support > harbour_l_01 ). Make sure you untick "Adjustable to terrain" box.
3 - place a tunnel entrance to pretend there is an arch under it ebps > environment > objects > water_features > culver_04 (the tunnel entrance model has a fence but in our case it will be underwater).
4 - Add Bridge Walls on top of the support walls ( ebps > environment > objects > walls > bridgewalls > any suitable wall model ). Still without using "Adjustable to terrain".
5 - add water sources if you want to hide the fences (optionnal).

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Re: [HOW-TO] Create Fake Bridge (undestructible)

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Playmobill: Just like that, son! :D

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