Where to save SGA files

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Where to save SGA files

Post by mofetagalactica »

Where i have to save .sga to be able to run my map in bk.

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Re: Where to save SGA files

Post by Krieger Blitzer »

Good question, I was going to post a guide anyway.. but for now; I am going to answer your question as briefly as possible... Though, u might need to check the World Builder part for more detailed info.

Often, .sga maps would just normally work if you place them at the following direction:
Spoiler: show
Users\"username"\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\ww2\scenarios

But not inside the "subscriptions" folder.

However, this is more or less just a workout.. as it's not the proper way to actually save a map.

The proper way would be saving the map by adding a text line with its name inside the Blitzkrieg.module file. And opening this module file can be simply done using your Windows notepad...

Example, this is how the text line should look like inside your module file:
Spoiler: show
;; 2-Player Maps
archive.01 = Blitzkrieg\Archives\Maps2\2p_D913
archive.02 = Blitzkrieg\Archives\Maps2\2p_argentan_crossroads
archive.03 = Blitzkrieg\Archives\Maps2\2p_kurland_pocket

Then you can copy the map file into:
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Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes Relaunch\Blitzkrieg\Archives\Maps2

This way, the map would not crash when clicking "multiplayer" anymore.. as you won't ever have to remove the playback file "temp.rec" each time after you play this map from your:
Spoiler: show
Users\"username"\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes Relaunch\playback
And viewing any replays on this map would be surely possible without any issues too.

# How to open World Builder?

I was also asked several times, how to open the World Builder... It should normally work as soon as you open the worldbuilder.exe file always found inside your CoH files. Nonetheless, sometimes it gives you an error stating that there are some missing .dll files.

Fixing this issue is rather simple...
You only need to download the following 2 files which I have previously uploaded here:
I have also mentioned where to put them on this link.

The same 2 files would also allow you access to the Crosix Mod Studio, which is to be used together with the World Builder at all times. As it's required to extract .sgb map files and even pack into .sga format.

# What are .sgb map files? And how to open them?!

.sgb map files are simply what you get when you extract .sga maps.. in other words, .sgb files are what is inside the .sga one.

You can extract any .sga map using Crosix... Simply open Crosix, click "load single SGA archive" then select the map u want to extract. Once you do that, Crosix would eventually allow you to see the .sgb directory files. From the Crosix "Mod" panel, choose extract all and click "Go" to choose where you want to save.
HOWEVER, .sgb files MUST BE saved into:
Spoiler: show
Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes Relaunch\WW2\data\scenarios\mp

If the folders "data", "scenarios" and "mp" are not located there.. then you simply create new folders yourself, while naming them ACCORDINGLY.

If you save the .sgb files anywhere else, u will not be able to play the map.. neither would u be able to open it using ur world builder.
If you have the same map files twice, once as .sga and another as .sgb located into readable directions.. the game would always use the .sgb one.

>>> To open the .sgb map using World Builder, then you just need to go to the "file" panel of your world builder and choose "open" then go to where your .sgb is located and load it.. usually, it will take a while until the map environment is fully loaded.

At this point, you would be able to modify the map as much as you like using world builder, but remember that you are modifying the .sgb files.
Moving the camera on the World Builder, is based on the same CoH controls.. use "alt" to change the camera angle and the keyboard arrows to move.

I won't come across each option in the world builder now though, but you can keep messing around until you learn all the stuff yourself.

You can always exit World Builder in the middle of what you are doing, save it.. and continue later.

When you are done, u will need to pack the new modified .sgb files into 1 .sga file. Doing this, is via Crosix or by the World Builder itself!

To save it using the World Builder, click "file" -> "Export Package" and the map would be automatically packed into 1 .sga file to the following direction:
Spoiler: show
Users\"username"\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\ww2\scenarios

Observe that the file this time is called "Company of Heroes" and not "Company of Heroes Relaunch" ;)

Keep in mind though that exporting it into an .sga file using World Builder would come at a cost, as u would lose 2 files from your map. Those 2 files are ".tga" and the ".opt" which are the loading screen and the "weather" options.. but they are insignificant, and are surely possible to re-produce.

Further info later, if you have any questions.. don't hesitate.

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