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Revision of Bizory

Posted: 26 Aug 2017, 16:35
by Tiger1996
Greetings everyone!

Here is pretty much what I have been doing the past 3 days with Playmobill... A lot of work was done, yet; we are still not finished.

As continuation of the MapPack2 fix release, which we have talked about earlier on this topic: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1672 We then decided that we also revise some of the currently existing maps to be more suitable for Bk gameplay.

The map that got the most attention so far, was the winter map called 4p_Bizory. But obviously there are no winter skins in Bk Mod for any units since that this mod is based on Normandy. Therefore I have managed to completely re-work this map into a summer version! With the help of Playmobill of course... As I definitely owe him too much ^^ This summer version will replace the current snow version. The weather was entirely changed as well, no more snow is falling as a transaction of the atmosphere during the first 10 minutes while playing this map. Now the weather will be static Midday or Dusk...
The files will be all sent to the devs as soon as possible, tomorrow or the following days.

Here is a video that summarizes the whole thing:
Video Thumbnail.

And here are some pics, previewing how the map looks like before and after the modifications:








Stay tuned 8-)

Re: Revision of Bizory

Posted: 26 Aug 2017, 20:19
by mofetagalactica

Re: Revision of Bizory

Posted: 26 Aug 2017, 23:39
by Frost
Great work cant wait to try it :D

Re: Revision of Bizory

Posted: 27 Aug 2017, 07:27
by sgtToni95
Nice job

Re: Revision of Bizory

Posted: 27 Aug 2017, 16:43
by Panzer-Lehr-Division
To Hot to touch

Re: Revision of Bizory

Posted: 27 Aug 2017, 23:06
by Playmobill
new loading screen
(using alternate weather option)

Re: Revision of Bizory

Posted: 28 Aug 2017, 01:00
by Tiger1996
I like what you did on the first truck of the convoy, so sneaky! :mrgreen:

It's probably worth to mention that we were actually planning to add another brand new map into this MapPack fix too, however at the end.. we later came to the conclusion that the new map has to wait for a next time.
The map fix files (including revised Bizory ofc) have now been sent to the devs, so I consider our mission to be accomplished... :D

Thanks to everyone for the kind words ;)

Re: Revision of Bizory

Posted: 30 Aug 2017, 23:40
by Viper
good work guys