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[MAP] Revision : LaFiere (6)

Posted: 07 Nov 2016, 17:12
by Playmobill
Original map for ToV by Relic
MP Port by Porta
Revision by Endromede & Playmobill

Changelog :

  • Brand new Tactical map
  • New Strategic sectors to balance difficulty delay to capture nearby points from each base
  • Some sector moved for gameplay balance
  • A lot of sector outlines redesigned to fit with terrain obstacles
  • 1 sector +4 Fuel removed at center, its replaced by a Strategic sector. thats brings the fuel count to 40 (or 34 in BK count) which is less axis biased.

  • Axis bridge is now undestructible
  • Allies spawn location 1 has a new acces
  • A big part of flooded areas are dry (see Tactical map)
  • All Strategic sector nearby bases have been put away/hidden from Flak 20mm bunkers, to allow em to retrieve their cutoff role.
  • But in later game phase, with heavy crushers you can still make your way through foliage and get a LoS back on em.

  • All roads (including bridges) now have speed bonus, and negative cover on their center
  • Riverbed offers infantry cover on its ridges, and doesnt slow vehicles on most parts.
  • Axis compound wall replaced to allow shootings with outsides
  • Village in map center has been balanced with a couple of low walls to balance covers
  • center VP moved to give a better chance to axis to grab it.
  • Some fences have been broken/open to prevent silly pathfinding issues
  • new path in center between 3 wood patches for balance purposed and practical use
  • nearly all sectors points have been enhanced with covers and eyecandy.

i probably forgot a lot of minor modifications but i think the most importants are listed above.

A couple of screenshots of the new version (updated) :

Brand new Tactical Map

A look on the new Sector Layout. A couple of changes on Strategic Sectors, and some outlines redesign to fit to the map objects.

The new undestructible bridge next to Axis spawn

An overview of the riverbed

a closer look on the riverbed

New exit for Allies spawn 1

This compound's walls have been changed: the previous walls were blocking shots despite houses where way higher, it was illogical to block shots.

A closer look

this Fuel sector's road is now dry (and muddy AF).

one of the displaced sector. this ammo was located in bottom right corner of this capture before.

Re: Map Revision : LaFiere (6)

Posted: 07 Nov 2016, 17:22
by Tiger1996
Yup, great work!
Keep up ^^ I definitely had the honor to be the first one who tests this reworked version of the map... It should be available soon for everyone to try it out upon the next beta of the map-pack v2, just a piece of cake ;)

And guys, don't worry about this new riverbed at all.. as I made sure with Playmobill that it doesn't slow up tanks; while yet providing a nice cover bonus for inf!

And as u can see, there is also a new entrance for the Allied side at slot number 1 :)

Cheeeers 8-)

Re: Map Revision : LaFiere (6)

Posted: 07 Nov 2016, 17:38
by Leonida [525]
Great :o it was a good map, now it's becoming perfect :)

Re: Map Revision : LaFiere (6)

Posted: 07 Nov 2016, 18:25
by JimQwilleran
Cool, tanks were so annoying here..

Re: Map Revision : LaFiere (6)

Posted: 08 Nov 2016, 15:50
by Commissar
God damn good! especially - 1) redesigned bridge. finally it won't fall apart. 2) New road from 1 slot position - thx. Good job

Re: Map Revision : LaFiere (6)

Posted: 09 Nov 2016, 17:18
by Playmobill
updated all screenshots on 1st post..

changelog is Otw, but will be long to write, Endro and I did a lot more modifications that we thought.

edit: changelog in 1st post.

Re: Map Revision : LaFiere (6)

Posted: 09 Nov 2016, 17:36
by JimQwilleran
Won't the new exit near allies spawn make them get to the town much sooner than axis, making it pro-allies map?

Re: Map Revision : LaFiere (6)

Posted: 09 Nov 2016, 18:15
by Tiger1996
JimQwilleran wrote:Won't the new exit near allies spawn make them get to the town much sooner than axis, making it pro-allies map?

No, the entrance will only allow Allies to reach the nearby +9 fuel point as soon as Axis would also reach the other +9 fuel point on the other side of the map...
This entrance at slot number 1 however, is actually big enough for a Pershing to pass through.. but there are still some hedges on the sides of the entrance which are blocking a part of it. Those bushes on the sides might not allow some early vehicles to pass through unless you probably burn it up!

Also, few things Playmobill perhaps forgot to mention:-
1) This path is now accessible...

Playmobill wrote:this Fuel sector is now dry (and muddy AF).

The picture u have used is an old one before the hotfix btw ^^
This is how it looks like currently:-

3) This building now has better line of sight at this direction:-

And some more changes too... But pretty much Playmobill has perfectly summarized everything in his notes of the change-log above.

Re: Map Revision : LaFiere (6)

Posted: 09 Nov 2016, 18:38
by Playmobill
- 'updated truck pic on 1st post.
- Forest change is added it in changelog, but im limited to 10 capture per post, so i cant add it to 1st post
- For allies new entrance, its a double edge sword: now allies slot 1 can be attacked and can no longer bunker their only entrance like before, so its more balanced regarding how open is axis side. also, it doesnt give em faster access to center, because of the fence pathfinding, only to their +9 fuel.

Re: Map Revision : LaFiere (6)

Posted: 09 Nov 2016, 19:16
by JimQwilleran
Thx, that looks cool :).

Re: Map Revision : LaFiere (6)

Posted: 16 Dec 2016, 16:57
by Blitzkriegrekrut
Like it, but why no water like in the campaign?

Re: Map Revision : LaFiere (6)

Posted: 16 Dec 2016, 20:29
by JimQwilleran
The whole point was to remove the water :P. It makes vehicles behave like idiots. Also it was a reason why axis approach path was pretty narrowed. I think this map will be more balanced now.