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[HOW-TO] Adding Maps

Posted: 07 May 2016, 15:46
by kwok
Hey, I probably said like 50,000 times I would upload a map pack but I got lazy or busy and never did it.
So I'll tell you all how to do it yourself. This is how to add the maps without getting crashes every time you start the game. There are many ways to do it, but I think this one is one of the easier ways.

1. Put all the sgb's of the maps into a single sga. (You will need Corsix to do this)
2. Name that sga "4p_d913"
*hem that map is now include in BK 5.0.0, use alternate method below instead :p
3. Put that sga into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes Relaunch\Blitzkrieg\Archives\Maps
Whaaat? How does this work? Turns out there was a map called d913 that was supposed to be in the BK mod but was never included. So we disguise all the maps as this single map and they all show up in game. You won't get that annoying bug where the game crashes unless you delete the temp file every time.

Less janky and probably more proper but do this at your own risk. Don't blame me if your game breaks. I suggest saving back ups before you go about doing it. It's really simple, but then again things can always happen.
1. Put the sga of the map you want into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes Relaunch\Blitzkrieg\Archives\Maps
2. Go into the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes Relaunch\Blitzkrieg.module
3. Scroll down into the section where you see a lot of maps.
4. Type in the paths for your added maps the same way all the other maps are listed. Which means "archive.[last number here] = Blitzkrieg\Archives\Maps\ [map name here]"

Hey, don't break your game and come crying. I'll try to help you fix it if you come calmly.
You can do it this way for the regular COH game too, so no need to go digging around the BK files. I just chose to do it in BK files cuz it was more accessible and I didn't need to go unpacking vCOH sgas.

Good luck all.

Re: Adding Maps

Posted: 07 May 2016, 16:53
by Tiger1996
Well done.
Pretty good to see that u have posted this in public for everyone!
And btw guys, the map so called "d913" is actually included on the 20 top recommended ones of the 46 maps which I have elected before.. it's the map number 7 full named as "Deparmentale 913" and anyone can download it from the first link provided here in this post;
And right through that link.. just click the MediaFire link over there;

And btw Kwok, whenever Wolf is ready to officially release those maps together with the 7 UKvaultman maps as a new mappack anytime soon... I will then manage to arrange for a Bk tournament.. this time it should be highly organized. But only when I am hopefully back maybe after a month from now since I am currently almost unavailable.. very busy I mean.
Yet, I am aware that in fact u have tried to make such a tournament in the past unfortunately without success... However that now we have got a new amazing patch, as well as new maps coming out soon.. I guess we could make it this time! And I would like u to join and support me by then. Just in order that we get to succeed with ur idea in the first place ;) When I am back, I will try to contact Mr.Nobody too... As I would definitely want him to be the main YT uploader for this tournament together with me when I become available. It's more likely going to be a 2vs2 tournament for Bk and a 1vs1 for Afrika surely with decent winning prizes... I believe I can still do it all alone even if u decide not to participate although I would be glad if u will.
I also hope Pzblitz will be available again soon.. as I haven't seen him in a while which makes me a little bit worried to be honest! He means very much to me...
I am thinking to make a good use of his dead old YT channel if ever possible. He has 1K subscribers and 1M views for god's sake...
Anyway; I will contact him later regarding this matter!

C u next month :) Peace out ^^

Re: Adding Maps

Posted: 07 May 2016, 18:26
by Jagdpanther
Without an official release, these map recommendations and "how to do" guides will only split the community of players even more

Re: Adding Maps

Posted: 07 May 2016, 20:34
by kwok
Tiger, sincerely best of luck. My only advice is if I had the energy and were to do it again, hold the tournament the day you announce them. They might be small, quick tournaments, but people only hold attention for the day. Doing "flash tournaments" would work better than long registration and sign ups. It was holding attention that was failure over organization.

Jadpanther, I would agree with you in terms of making own patches and adjustments in Corsix. I was hesitant to tell people how to do this because of the same fears. But now I think my opinion about maps (not attribute changes) is different and helps keep the community together. People want more maps, they are relatively easy to add, and people will do it anyway as they have always done. I might as well tell people how to do it well so that way more players can share and play more maps together. Different from attribute changes which can't be shared as easily.

Edited additional words:
I wouldn't openly show people to use Corsix even though I feel like I've gotten pretty comfortable with it. I'm modding on coh2 now. Even though I don't play bk anymore, the last thing I would do is try to rip apart my old home when I can still learn so much from it. Hope that doesn't upset you jadg, but at least understand I thought about this for a long time and why I'm only sharing this now after months of knowing.

Re: [HOW-TO] Adding Maps

Posted: 05 Oct 2017, 00:22
by Playmobill

Thanks a lot, kwok!

Re: Adding Maps

Posted: 05 Oct 2017, 07:49
by sgtToni95
Tiger1996 wrote:I also hope Pzblitz will be available again soon.. as I haven't seen him in a while which makes me a little bit worried to be honest! He means very much to me...

Just try partecipating to some balancing topics and i bet he'll appear soon :lol:

Re: [HOW-TO] Adding Maps

Posted: 07 Oct 2017, 13:07
by Playmobill
*Edited the 1st method to update with 5.0.0

Edit ² : Steam's Workshop replace those methods now.