Help? WB not working

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Help? WB not working

Post by Sepp(esky) »


I haven't made maps in yeara, like 1.6 vcoh kinda years. I cannot even get worldbuilder to create a new scenario, and is packing for export the same? Or is there a trick to steam workshop?

Mainly I just need to get it working again...

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Re: Help? WB not working

Post by sgtToni95 »


I quite recently started making maps as well.

The reason is probably that WB is made for non steam version, so the original save path of new scenarios is the wrong one and won't work.

I solved that by setting the saving path to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Company of Heroes Relaunch\WW2\Data\Scenarios\MP"

This last highlighted part is the foundamental one. Steam does create ww2 folder, but WB needs to have an "MP" folder put inside a "Scenarios" folder put inside a "Data" folder into your WW2 folder.

Same goes for some extracting and packing functions. Sometimes WB and Corsix need the last 3 folders of the path to be exactly theese.

P.S. In order to be able to save your maps, you also need 2 starting positions and 2 entry points assigned to players, together with the relative owned territory. You can find that into online guides, or i can give you those i found and downloaded.

Let me know if it works, hope it does for you too.

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