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State of mod

Post by TankGuy »

So here I am, playing vs bots just minding my own business. I tried out all the other mods but blitzkrieg is simply better suited for slapping some AI. Yet, I have some questions that needeth be answereth.
1) How do I mod this bad boi. I tried some tutorials with corsex or whatever it's called and every time I open the mod it stops loading at 'loading GUI' or something like that.
2) Why is infantry so expensive/support not expensive enough and tanks just outright cheap? The ease of maching gunning infantry seems to make them rather expensive to field, I was actually hoping to decrease infantry unit costs because why make them when u can spam MGs?
3) If I cannot do it myself, is there anybody I can beg to to some modding regarding this issue.

Regards, some noobguy who comes back to this mod every other year.

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Re: State of mod

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I can't help u with corsix, but regarding the inf price the answer is simple. The use of infantry in PvP and PvAI games is entirely different. In pvp assault inf units (like rangers, grenadiers or elite inf) is much more valuable because there are much more many "inf duels" rather than in PvsAI where basicaly u just try to defend against hordes of enemies. The point is the difference in the style of the game.

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