Minimal Requirement to play Blitzkrieg Mod

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Minimal Requirement to play Blitzkrieg Mod

Postby jonnyyankee » 30 Mar 2017, 14:54

Hello!! my cousin and I play Blitzkrieg Mod but his pc are slow and we want to know the minimal requirements My cousin pc Specs are

CPU: AMD E1 1.10 ghz i dont remember the model
GPU: AMD Radeon hd 6310
RAM: 3GBS ram ---------- Laptop

He can't play so well are making new pc desktop with Intel processor I only remember is Dual core pentium D -- 2.8 Ghz
with only 1 gb of ram DDR2 are 2008 pc 32 bits OS he go to buy more ram but we want to know exactly what we need obviously need more ram and more gpu vram so what advices can give us Thanks alot :D

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Re: Minimal Requirement to play Blitzkrieg Mod

Postby KornBlatt » 30 Mar 2017, 15:40

Get the fastest possible processor. GPU and memory don't matter at all. I have a gtx 1080 and it barely has 10% usage in COH.

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Re: Minimal Requirement to play Blitzkrieg Mod

Postby kwok » 30 Mar 2017, 19:44

Doesn't have to be fastest, there's a point where the game engine itself can handle so much and you'll run into problems (or other players crashing first for their own computer short falls). But, kornblatt is right I think the most common issue people have running BK is a cpu problem. ALL THE RNG CALCULATIONSSSS.

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