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How about a trainer for BK mod.

Posted: 09 Mar 2017, 22:25
by Henry
hello. i have a simple question for this mod. is there ever going to be a trainer for this mod, now i know that is a stupod question for some but after spending quite some time playing blitzkrieg i got alittle bit bored with same tactics for defensive doctorines for both sides on regular gamemodes and at this point i'm hoping to see a trainer that will allow us to cheat (in the offline mode ofc) and build all kinds of defenses, bases and castles (litteraly). thanks in the advance.

Re: How about a trainer for BK mod.

Posted: 10 Mar 2017, 00:29
by JimQwilleran
Not long time ago there was a cheat mod compatible with Bk, but I guess that it's not a case anymore. You can use Bk fun mode or a programm called "cheat engine" instead. If you understand the simple basics of how programms work, I can recommend CE for various games. I often use it when a play gets boring for me and I wish to squeeze maximum of fun of it. But it's rather "rough–hewn" tool as it were, it requires much alt-tabbing and dealing with "numbers".
Haven't tried it with CoH though, it might be much easier and more fun to simply play in Bk fun mode that doubles all your res incomes. You can find it in the box with various game modes (like Victory Points or only infantry modes) when you scroll it down.

Besides, shouldn't standard Vanilla trainers work just well with Bk?

Re: How about a trainer for BK mod.

Posted: 22 Mar 2017, 02:07
by Wake
There are vanilla trainers that work for BK. The trainers that work in normal vanilla CoH will work in BK. I know this because I have a trainer. They only work in single player skirmsih offline mode.

The one that I know works is the Mr Anti Fun trainer for the current game version. I'm not sure if this link works or is safe but this was the first result in my Google search: ... tifun.html

If you want to play with something similar to a trainer but in multiplayer, use the "BK Fun Mode" option, which gives everyone lots of resources.