Squad members "spreading"

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Squad members "spreading"

Post by sgtToni95 »

Hello everybody!
Just my curiosity: do inf squads have different "spreading" stats? I mean... many times i see squads which have, for example, one man capping while all the remaning members are far away shooting (mainly axis para and grens), and other times all squads members are in the same spot and die to a single granade.
Since many times this can make the difference between loosing your whole inf unit in one shot or not (expecially with new HE tank rounds system), could anyone please tell me if this is a think or just my impression? And does veterancy/other buffs modify this?
Thank in advance ;)

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Re: Squad members "spreading"

Post by Panzer-Lehr-Division »

More likely a bug can confirm this
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Re: Squad members "spreading"

Post by kwok »

Spread as far as I know is all the same for all inf. Each have "formation tables" that say what formation they use depending on what terrain they are on. So it depends on the terrain not the inf. Each individual unit will move into formation based on where you've right clicked and then the squad will move to that location. So if you right click on green cover where most will likely clump, they will try clumping first on the way to the green cover. If you right clicked on open area, they will spread out then move. You can use a painful series of micro shift clicks to improve your inf path. I don't do that, that's way too much for me.

There are other.... exploitive tricks that I avoid doing unless by accident....

my best non exploit suggestion if you have the micro to do it is to use the hold position button then capture.

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