Tactics against the Dingo/Bren?

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Tactics against the Dingo/Bren?

Postby Zuasfadas » 28 Jan 2017, 06:57

Hi everyone! Actually, I'm having a hard time fighting against the British armored early units as the Dingo or Bren when I play as Wermacht so I have some questions:

-Is it possible to fight in a 2 v 2 Wermacht-Wermacht against a British-American team? Or is it necessary to have an specifical movie, PE player to fight against them? (You know, the scout cars can take down those early armored units very well and, in my opinion, using less resources than wermacht)

-If it is possible, what are your common openings as Wermacht to beat a well-microed british dingo spam?

Until now, my only ideas were:

1)Rushing to next phase to get panzerfausts quickly, but this was countered with a good micro. (My volks got killed very fast against those bren guns and it's not like I have a lot of munition at that point).

2)Building paks, but until now I've seen that my volks die usually against his infantry section, and my paks misses firing at the dingo/bren a lot of times (probably because they were under fire by the enemy section?), another thing he does is, just sending his dingo to attack my pak from behind (since bullets from infantry just bounce out) and then attacking my other units.

3)Rushing to next phase again, but to get the troop transport now since its MG42 does a lot of damage like the scout car, but the problem is that until that moment, my brit oponent has enough manpower to create his 2nd rifle-AT squad or his AT-squad.

I want to know if you have a teching order to counter dingos/brens or if it's micro the only way to win against them, what I'm trying to find is if the Wermacht have a reliable unit that doesn't use a lot of micro to attack them (as the Light AT half track, Scout Car, etc).


P.D. : I've played until now with the def. doctrine.

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Re: Tactics against the Dingo/Bren?

Postby JimQwilleran » 28 Jan 2017, 10:17

Generally my advices are as follow (APPLIES ONLY FOR LOW RES GAME)
1: build shwimmwagen as ur first unit and rush brits sappers with it. It's very important to chase them off or u gonna face early mortar emplacement. Lock the middle with pioneers + shwimm combo, but dont rush further caus boys are on their way.
2. At the same time when you make shwimm build volks and cap the sectors until the middle. Then support ur defence with them.
3. When shwimm is built make pak.

At this point brits player can do only 2 things to regain middle: rush u with rifle section (counter it with shwimm in the back and HE from pak) or rush u with dingo. Building dingo will delay his tiering so if you kill it you won the game more or less aleready.

Now I never had such a big problem with killing dingo with a pak. Imo 1 gun is enough to defend ur position. But if you feel better with 2 guns, build another one. As I said at this point brit player HAS to choose: expensive inf or expensive little dingo. Don't expect them both at the same time (at first). Pak gives you both AT and anti-inf power. Even if you expect dingo and it's the rifle section what arrives, you still have 2 squads defending in the cover and supporting shwimm to kill them easily.

For high res game my advice is:
Play low res game xD. It's fair.

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Re: Tactics against the Dingo/Bren?

Postby kwok » 28 Jan 2017, 11:21

Here's my Hi-Res strat (which i personally think is more fair than low res)

In flexible order:
1. Double pak gun
2. upgrade t2
3. mortar
4. rush the 50mm AT gun to counter the recce because brits can get this really early on hi-res. in fact you should rush this against a brit no matter what because it counters dingos naturally, otherwise if the brit doesn't get dingo they are no doubt rushing the recce
And get whatever infantry that fits and balances against your decided army composition (suggested: volks since I suggested 2 pak guns. You will have low capture power without volks).

By doubling a pak gun, you make micro easier because each pak can cover the other. It becomes a matter of your formation, not your micro. With the hi res, you can use your HE shots more and counter assaulting rifles. By the time you hit T2 (because there is almost no fuel delay to get there, you don't even need to capture any points) you pull out the ultimate brit counter: mortars. OR even better mortar halftracks. Double that mortar for extra frustration for your enemies.

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