Subforum Description and Guidelines

Ask questions specifically to improving your game and get only answers.
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Subforum Description and Guidelines

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Hello! Welcome to the place where you can freely ask questions and get game answers! Here we hope that any player, new or old, can get some direct advice from some of the more experienced to help improve skills. To help guide the conversations and keep things organized, a few things to consider when structuring your posts...
Put your question as concise as possible in the subject line. This will help people who can answer your question find your post easily. You can elaborate more in the post itself, but you will be much more successful in having your question answered if your subject line is a direct question like "how do i counter nebels?" instead of "nebels".
Try to be specific. This goes for both askers and answerers. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to understand an answer in some cryptic response like "smoke them". For some, "smoke them" might seem pretty obvious... but keep in mind that players of different levels and even of the same level may have a different understanding of the game. Sometimes people don't realize all the units available to them and completely forget that something like mortar smoke exists or british arty smoke barrage. This will be hard to do, but we can try our best and don't be afraid to ask for clarification.
Keep it concise. There are always some personas (including myself) that would love to put large walls of text for an explanation. Sometimes they are long and meaningful essays, which might be fine. Where it gets bad is when there is too much fluff in the paragraphs that are irrelevant so much that you lose the reader's attention. Don't make someone excavate their answers. Remember quality doesn't equal quantity.
"Keep it like the length of a skirt. Long enough to cover the content, but short enough to keep it interesting"

Some behavior guidelines:
1. Don't be a jerk.
The greater forum rules should apply to the subforums naturally, but it's especially more important to be respectful in this subforum for all the people sincerely looking to improve and learn the game.
2. Questions and answers only.
This subforum is meant to give solutions to problems in strategy or tactics, not to discuss game balance. If you think there is a legitimate game balance problem to answering a question, then don't post at all. Simple. Then bring it up to the subforum specifically to talk about balance: viewforum.php?f=15
3. Don't be a jerk.
Most important rule.