How I see Tank Company

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How I see Tank Company

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This guide is assuming you start with high res since low res is basically rock paper scissor and your build order isn't fixed and you can just react to what your opponent is getting.

High res. build orders. there are basically 3 build orders you can go for in Armor doctrine. Regular, Strong early game, and lastly super greed. And these 3 can be super easy to spot because the main difference is which buildings you build and which order.

In any build if your opponents have a PE in their roster you dont go for any light vehicles of any kind the first 3 minutes since the will basically be fodder for the 28mm Scout car.
Snipers aren't really necessary. But they are one of 2 counters against enemy snipers. Either get a sniper or a calliope jeep. Anything else the sniper can just either outrange or just walk away from while shooting and tanking.
EDIT: Mortar smoke is a soft counter to sniper.

Super greed
You build barracks and no weapon support center nor motor pool capture nearest point with your engineer. after capturing the first point you should have 40 fuel to get a supply yard and you use your next 25 fuel to get the 5+ fuel upgrade.
You get 2x riflemen and 2x 37mm, sniper, recon mortar. You can't really contest the middle right away if enemy gets a motorcycle due to you not being able to get rifle nade due to them being locked behind weapon support center to counter axis light vehicles.

While you cap your side of the map and keep you infantry safe with your 37mm. And equip your riflemen with one set of grease gun each these will help with keeping enemy infantry off your sniper. The early mortar is there to help you contest over the middle ground that you lost. You can send your engineers to scout and get shot by hidden enemy MG/sniper and then retreat to build your next building. You smoke the mg rush it with riflemen and either nade them or shoot them with smgs. Your sniper is there to make sure enemy can't force a long range fight with their own infantry, or keep the enemy sniper from shooting your infantry. The mortar can also be used to bomb enemies or smoke the enemy sniper. Your biggest enemy in this scenario Is heavy cover that would stop your sniper from shooting enemy sniper. Or a light vehicle that is tucked safe behind a shot blocker that your double anti tank guns can't to.

Regular start
You build up to motorpool and get 57mm ATG instead of 37mm. The possibilities are endless, You can get Combat engineers instead of Rifles or maybe one of each. You can get anti tank squad instead of rifle nades, officer for smoke instead of mortar. Can't go wrong with whatever you build as long as you have 57mm so stop enemies from overrunning you and maybe a mg. M20 is a super good unit with a deadly machine gun and good vision and stealth detection range. 57mm halftrack is also nice to keep up with slippery enemies your ATG can't keep up with or in areas where there is enemy mortar fire. Stuarts are also quite good with keeping enemy infantry away with their HE rounds.

Doesn't really matter what you get. Or if you get supply yard before tank depot and rush a m4 sherman with HE. Basically this is just me telling you do what you want.

Strong Start
Build is the same as Super greed but you build weapon support center instead of supply yard. Now you have nade launcher to overcome that one weakness. And you dont get supply yard until late in the game and you rush a light tank from the motorpool. That tank is used to guard your infantry from various threats. You might lose stuff in your attack in the middle but the Stuart can basically shore up everything. Lost your 37mm? Stuart got one. Lost your riflemen? Stuart got HE and can keep that infantry at bay. Lost your mortar? Stuart can kill the thing that killed your mortar. Lost your sniper? That one the stuart can't deal with and that is pretty bad situation to be in. Dont forget to use recon and search for enemy anti tank guns so you dont lose the stuart.

This one will delay your Sherman a bit. And the enemy will get his pz4 or whatever tank he wants before you, so you should invest in an anti tank squad that you keep hidden to avoid any rushes coming your way.

Command Point Unlocks

2 CP: Mass production is probably my first go to since it leads down to allied war machine and makes your tanks cheaper but not cheaper than TD's like m10 so if you just want more at guns then you should still get m10. Sherman 76 is basically a m10 with so if you dont get 50 cal just get a m10.
1 CP: Allied War Machine. Super strong ability for your shermans and TD, do note it doesn't work with jumbo sherman. Dont know if it works with M36 but I never unlock m36 even if I have everything unlocked and got cp. It doesn't work with Heavy tanks. But I think it is in the description what it works on. It's a 200 muni timed ability you use before your tanks are destroyed. You can send your tanks against enemy stugs and even if there are hidden anti tank guns or squads protecting the stug you still come put ahead in the end. pairs incredibly well with.
3 CP: Ammo unlock. gives all your shermans AP and HE shells. good for your expensive 90 muni shermans HE and makes it so you can use AWM more often.

1 CP: 76mm Sherman. Obviously getting 76mm Sherman unlocked is important.

2Cp: Tank veterancy/Expierenced Tank crew. You can ignore all of the veterancy unlocks since veterancy isn't important for tanks. except for vet 4 which makes your tank harder to kill. Tank commander vet 3 also makes you tanks harder to kill. Combining them makes your tank take up to 4-5 sherck hits. but usually still die to 2 cannon shells.

2 CP: Jumbo. If you got for allied war machine route you can just ignore this thing. Your regular 75mm give better buck for their bang. If you rush persing you might as well get one jumbo.

1 CP: Hellcat. gets affected by AWM fun tank that dies to 20mm and gets oneshot by faust/any 75mm and higer, And 2 shot by shrecks. You can build 10 of these activate AWM and see them all die to 4 enemy panthers. Maybe if you're lucky you get to kill one of them.

1CP: Combat Engineer Training. Give you one veterancy level. Dont know if extra tankiness was removed from this unlock since it was super busted or if it's still there. Combat engineers are super deadly with thompsons and even with their default grease guns. Flame throwers can be fun against light vehicles and anti tank guns. If you keep losing these sqauds just get riflemen and equip them with grease guns that way you get almost the same squad for less the price. Otherwise these units are considered top tier.

3 CP: M26 Pershing. After investing a total of 8 cp and two tank depot tech ups you can get these bad boys. Super deadly 90mm that will oneshot pesky panthers and everything less armored. Can tangle with tiger and expect to win, though not 100% of the time. King tigers will eat pershings so dont bother wasting your precious tanks against the KT. HE on the Pershing is super deadly against infantry. And AP ammo increases pen chance by 74%. Or something along that line if it hasn't been changed.

4CP: Pershing Ace/Super Pershing. In the olden days you could call in a pershing ace to to get a vet 3 TC and by the end of the game you had 6 Full vet TC. Since they added a chance they will die with the tank I have had a hard time getting more than 2. But yeah Pershing ace is a glorified pershing. Small chance it's getting buffed soon after writing this so I wont write anything about it. Other than it's a Pershing you can buy without fuel.
Super pershing can turn the game and can only be called in once. People have been screaming about removing it from the game, and other want it be able to be called in multiple times. It can tangle with KT and will kill pretty much any other tank with its gun. No HE so Infantry with shreck have a pretty fun time with it if they can survive the fire. Or it gets killed by 280mm rockets. Or other artillery.

1CP: Raid. Fun to cap with light vehicles. Mostly here for capturing points that tend to explode by either Mines, mortar fire, artillery fire, booby traps. Light vehicles dont care about mines nor booby traps. Arty might be a problem, mortar can be trouble depending on what vehicle you use to cap.

1CP: Artillery support. Tank commander inside a tank can call in a heavy mortar barrage for 100 muni. Good against most things static. Or getting enemy tanks to move.

2CP: 105 sherman. You use this to kill 88mm emplacements, bunkers and other static buildings. Wouldn't advice using this against infantry or other stuff since It's kinda expensive and annoying losing this unit. So sit back and lob shells on emplacements.

2CP: Calliope sherman. I think it's a waste of munitions and can't think of a think you can use it for that you couldn't with TC arty or 105 Sherman. Maybe kill snipers? Someone else can write something good about the Calliope.

Pitfalls for this doctrine.

Using shermans against panthers and expecting to win. You have like 16% chance to pen? If you played war thunder then just treat the 76mm as a 75mm gun. And the 75mm like a 75mm that doesn't know where to shoot a tank.

Getting too many combat engineers. They are considered top tier but they cost a lot of mp that you could be spending on tanks. Late game you probably wont be replenishing if you lose them since you have so much other stuff to put your mp on like pershing aces.

M36. More expensive than a panther. Less armor, but they both one shot each other.

dont get more than 1 calliope jeep since they cost precious muni upkeep.

I'll probably come back when I can think of other bad stuff you can do that give zero benefit.

This one is a bit general. But Satchel charges deal little dmg to tanks.

Teller Mines. Not really a pitfall per say. But they cost 45 muni compared to a 30 muni mine that does the same thing but also triggers on infantry. So if you want to pay more for a mine that only triggers against tanks be my guest.

Late game strengths.

You have limitless Sherman tanks you can send against your enemies if you use AWM. You use these shermans to kill soft targets like ATG and AT squads and other infantry and maybe some mediums tanks. Pershing will stay behind Shermans and kill pesky panthers and hope that enemy dont have any Jagdpanthers or King tigers.
You have awesome assault infnatry. And since your mortars can fire smoke shells like an artillery piece if you keep 2 of them in the far back you will always have smoke for your troops so they wont get pinned by annoying MG's.
You have some Off-map arty and a howitzer(105 sherman) that will destroy emplacements.

This game is balanced for team games. So you have to rely on your teammates to destroy big threats to you. But you should have tools for dealing with most threats.
But my favourite way to deal with big tanks are to immobilize them. Either with mines or sticky nades.
Rifles are not for fighting. They are for building!

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Re: How I see Tank Company

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cool guide
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