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Yuki Zahn UTC +8 (Singapore)

Posted: 08 Dec 2017, 07:23
by Yukizahn
Hi all!

Yesterday was my first day into this mod. Sure hell I'm shocked cuz whatever I know of vCoh and EF mod doesn't apply in this game. Got my ass handed to me till I rage quit. (Didn't know a jeep can be so deadly).

I'm looking for a someone who can guide me into this game because the number of units available (not to mentioned the different units in different doctrines) is just too many. What kills what that is what I want to know.

A shout out to these 2 players I met: Czfliz and tiger(something). Sorry I suck! Hope to see you again.

Re: Yuki Zahn UTC +8 (Singapore)

Posted: 08 Dec 2017, 15:55
by Tiger1996
Welcome on board, and yes... I remember you from yesterday, it was really fun playing with you :)

You guys actually played quite well although being new to the mod, my mate (mitchkonnor) was also new but he obviously suffered way harder than you guys did. I honestly didn't expect that you could be any harmful to us though.. as I believe I've also under-estimated you and the overall situation greatly in our first game, however.. that's why I then asked for a rematch where I had to play a bit more serious ;)

Few things I noticed so far though, you guys tried to bomb our bases. I am aware that this is normal in the vanilla CoH which is where you are coming from, that's why I didn't mention anything about it during our games.. but I guess now it's a good chance for me here to inform you that base bombing in Bk Mod is not a really welcoming strategy within the community. So if you do that, don't be surprised when you see some older Bk players calling you "noob" or "base bomber" then maybe even kicking you out of the lobby too! So, watch out. Try not to bomb the base but rather aim only at the AA defense.

Lastly, your time zone is actually not idealist.. because usually the peak time when you can find a lot people online would be around 19:00 (UTC+1) which is the European time. Nonetheless, i hope you stick longer with us anyway and wish you liked the mod ;)

And by the way, personally i would suggest you to watch some replays on the matchmaking section of the forum if u really want to improve you strategies, but be careful.. because if u download a wrong replay file version... It will not work correctly.. or even watch some Bk videos on YouTube if you are interested to see other players playing ^^


Re: Yuki Zahn UTC +8 (Singapore)

Posted: 09 Dec 2017, 09:44
by Yukizahn
Thanks for the warm welcome! I usually play either 1600hrs (UTC) or 0000hrs (UTC) to offset the timezone. Most of my online buddies are in europe anyways.

I just got off a 1v1 game. The opponent wehmact strat was to camp at a strong point supported by a mobile motar play, waiting to rush for a puma. I killed his motar like so many times but there was no way to steal the equipment nor destroy it with counter motar because of overwatch mg positions. So eventually it was reused multiple times. Perhaps an option to scuttle or destroy equipments would be realistic (salvage like coh2, shreking a pak etc).

I got his puma and ostwind with my AB AT drop though I eventually got base motared including the hedgerow that was protecting my base.

It seems like this mod is all about stalling at a strong point or front line until armour arrives which is the only way to win in this game. It's so time consuming!

Re: Yuki Zahn UTC +8 (Singapore)

Posted: 09 Dec 2017, 14:00
by Tiger1996
You can always get rid of de-crewed support weapons in many different ways. First is you can throw a grenade or keep mortaring it until it's completely destroyed, but that's not the idealist way. The best way is to order your inf units or even your tanks to shoot at the de-crewed weapon until it's gone.
This can be done the same way how you order your units to shoot at empty buildings for example, using the "attack move" panel ability... ;)

Another tip, you could also get rid of empty emplacements or trenches by capturing them with your infantry and then clicking the "delete" button twice! Eventually your troops would go out-side the trench and blow it, however.. the emplacement would die including your infantry inside it.