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Karma Police, UTC +1, PVP

Posted: 15 May 2017, 23:11
by JimQwilleran

I am Bk player of 2 years or so. Currently I have over 2000 games played and 2100 hours in game. I like fried chicken and I don't care about winning or losing unless I have fun. I hate unbalanced games, no matter which team is losing. So if my team is stronger I tend to stop playing giving opposing team some chance for a comeback. That leads to situations where my teammates are mad at me seeing KT rolling out of enemy base after 10 min of my idleness. But usually I already have a solution for that situation prepared. Is that torturing enemy team with a false hope? If it seems so, sorry for that.

I know it sounds quite idiotically but I rarely play with purpose to win. Most of the time I choose a scenario before or during the game and try to make it happen, like: "this game I will full vet rifles", or "this game I will try to kill some heavy tank with dingo". When I get to the middle of the map I stop and let enemy fulfill my desires :twisted: . If I take more than half of the map, my enemy won't have so many res to attack me, right? Sometimes I just stay in the same spot for the whole game just to have fun defending. Or from time to time I let enemy take my position almost without fighting just to execute backhand blow tactic. Not to sound too cocky - I often fail to do it so I am losing for such a dangerous toying with my opponent and have to be saved by teammates ;).

Because of this worldview I might get irritated seeing someone caring only about winning, no matter the costs (base bombing or early base mortaring on small maps for example). I believe in some kind of chivalry on the battlefield. Winning the battle without effort, without giving my enemy a chance for a comeback is just mean and pointless.

What I hate most is repetitiveness. On both sides. When I see someone doing everything in the same way every time I can't help myself to comment that. Bk gives you so many different ways to play, but you stick with just one unit/bunker, whatever? Try something new! People who always rush their tiering for that panther G/tiger/SP are just boring. People who rely only on camping are even worse. But on the other hand when someone shows me something new, a tactic, clever unit usage I always compliment that. Every player I met taught me something and I try to use that every bit of knowledge it various combinations.

BK is gives me joy, more than any other game so far. So, let's play sometimes ;).

Re: Karma Police, UTC +1, PVP

Posted: 16 May 2017, 11:32
by sgtToni95
You should edit it as: "Hi my name is Wrocislav, I'm polish and i like sausiges, not small ones... small ones are boring... i like big sausiges cause they're more fun"
short, effective, true and much less cocky.
Jk :)

Re: Karma Police, UTC +1, PVP

Posted: 16 May 2017, 11:48
by JimQwilleran
That's all true, also I like ketchup on my pizza!

Re: Karma Police, UTC +1, PVP

Posted: 17 May 2017, 15:44
by GrigoriRasputin(SVT)
A tear flew..