Wake, UTC -05:00, PvP

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Wake, UTC -05:00, PvP

Postby Wake » 27 Jun 2016, 19:26

Hello, my name is Wake. I have been on the Blitzkrieg forum for a while, but there are many community members who are "older" than me. I first started playing around 2009, and actually have the physical game box with 5 CDs of installation data. Back then all I did was play comp stomp on bridge maps like "The Rhine" or "Lyon". I never dared to try PvP until about 2012 though, and when I started, I was terrible. I got my ass kicked all the time, doing things such as not building anti-tank guns against scout cars. Since then I have improved and got to know veteran community members like Warhawks, Kwok, and ShadowIchigo.

I have seen Blitzkrieg mod progress through many different stages, such as when the Wehrmacht base defenses were still bunkers with MG42s inside that were almost impossible to kill but very easy to go around, and when every single faction started games with an anti-tank gun, or when Panzer Elite had the majority of the Axis heavy tanks.

I live in the USA, so if you are near those timezones then it is likely that we will see each other.

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