Hello from Greece

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Hello from Greece

Postby dsynos80 » 10 May 2019, 22:19

Hello guys, glad to be part of the best mod for Coh.

I play since version 4.6

I have implemented some stuff to the game for my liking, not allowed to post i think because its other peoples work. kinda makes it unbalanced but i enjoy it so much everytime, i love big battles playing with my bro hehe. I will try and list some stuff.

My favorite PE:
- second heavy tank factory ( also added to WH with some different tanks)
-Wssc Elite Tiger
-E 50
-E 75

Luftwaffe doctrine also has Carpet Bombing top right selection.

US has also Cuckoo Panther and Pattons Sherman Ace. The Tulip was there already i believe.
Superpershing variations too.
And carpet bombing for the armor doctrine.

I have spent many nights trying to find how to add new things and edit already existing ones, its a pain in the ### so my ultimate respects to you all devs so much for taking time and keeping this superbuggy but great game alive all these years!!

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